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Title Index to Haiku Webpages and Some Print Resources









Above the Fog.  Short poems and haiku with a Zen and Taoist flavor. 

Acorn: A Journal of Contemporary Haiku.   Edited by A. C. Missias.  "Acorn is a small biannual journal
dedicated to publishing the best of contemporary English-language haiku.  In particular, it hopes to showcase 
the individual poem, and haiku's ability to reveal the extraordinary moments found in everyday life.
Issues in October and April. 

Acorn Book Company  Publishers of haiku and minimalist poetry. 

Agnieszka's Dowry     Small Garlic Press.  Edited by Katrina Grace Craig  and Marek Lugowski. 

A Ha! Poetry.   Coordinated by Jane Reichhold.  Poetry, articles, links, information, participation options.
This website offers lots of information in articles.  Content is King at this vanilla .html format website.       

Airless Suburban Haiku     Post your own cynical haiku about conspicuous consumption, or haiku about
the delights of suburban life.

Alien Flower   Edited by Janan Platt.

Amaze: The Cinquain Journal   Edited by Deborah P. Kolodji, webmaster Lisa Janice Cohen.

American Haibun and Haiga.  Edited by Jim Kacian and Bruce Ross.   Mr. Kacian also edits Frogpond.

American Haiku.  Comments, classical haiku poems, American Haiku contest.  By Peter Frengel. 

American Haiku Archives     Access provided by the California State Library.   New Submission Form.

American Tanka   Journal information, samples, history of form, bibliography.  Edited by Laura Maffei.  

Hortensia Anderson

Another Attempt to Define Haiku    By Jane Reichhold. 

An Plus: La Poésie: Terre des Amitiés Nouvelles.    By Elie Duvivier. 

Anthology of Days.  Michael McClintock.  Contemporary haibun.  Backwoods 
Broadsides, #70, 2002.  $1.00. 

Ant Ant Ant Ant Ant
.   Haiku journal edited by Chris Gordon, P.O. Box 3158, 
Eugene, OR 97403.  Annual issue for $8.00.

An Anthology of Haiku:  Ancient and Modern.
   Translated and annotated by Asataro Miyamori. 
Westport, Connecticut, Greenwood Press, 1932, 1970.  Index, 841 pages. 

Anti-War Haiku Wall  

The Art of Haiku Poetry    By Rodriguo A. Siqueira. 

The Art of Haiku 2000   Notice of a new book.  Includes some excellent links!!

Asahi Evening News Haikuist Network    Edited by David McMurray. 

Asian American Film: Haiku Fu 

(Asian Figures).
   By W. S. Merwin.  New York, Atheneum, 1973.  99 pages.

Asian Poetry in the WORDshop.   By Larry Gross.  Good resources on Korean Sijo and Renga..    

As.if.i.am.  By Robin Grey.

Association of Japanese Classical Haiku   Mostly in Japanese.  

The Atlantic Monthly's Poetry Pages

Author Index to Haiku Poems on the Internet.   Links to over 125 haiku poets, scholars, editors,
and webmasters.  Updated monthly.   Open Directory - edpick.gif (310 bytes)

Autumn Leaves:  Haiku    Edited with poetry by Sondra Ball.  Features poems by Native Americans.

Autumn Wind Haiku: Selected Poems by Kobayashi Issa.  By Lewis Mackenzie.  Tokyo,
Kodansha International, 1957, Reissued in 1999.  146 pages. 

Autumn:  Quotes and poems for gardeners.



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Backwoods Broadsides.   Edited by Sylvester Pollet, 963 Winkumpaugh Rd., 
Ellsworth, ME 04605-9529.

Bad Haiku
  Bad, bad, bad!!

Bamboo Broom
.   By Harold G. Henderson.  1933. 

Matsuo Basho (1644 - 1694)   Links, References and Resources

Basho's Biography    Includes some haiku and haibun by Basho.

Basho Database   Japanese language resource.

Basho's Haiku: Three Interpretations.   By Soji (Gary Barnes)  

Basho's Life.    By T. Stanley and R. Irving.

Basho's Narrow Road
.   Spring and Autumn Passages.  Includes the Renga Sequence
A Farewell Gift to Sora.  Translated with detailed annotations by Hiroaki Sato.  Foreward
by Cor van den Heuvel.  Berkeley, California, Stone Bridge Press, 1996.  186 pages.

Matsuo Basho: The Master Haiku Poet.
   By Makoto Ueda.  Tokyo, Kodansha
International, 1970.

Anibal Beca.   In Spanish

Bec Cec Haiku and Photographs

Janet Bell's Haiku: Connotations

Between Skyscrapers

Beverly Hills 90201 - Haiku/Senryu/Humor  Gen X rocks.   

H.K.Bhullar - Selections from Sangeet's poems.

Bibliographies - Haiku

Bilingual Haiku.   Haiku in Japanese and English.   Edited by Noriko Kageyama.

Biographies of Haiku Poets
   An excellent collection of informative biographies about noted haiku poets,
critics, and editors.  The short biographies include links to e-mail addresses and websites of the
featured persons.  An outstanding contribution!   Presented by Elizabeth St. Jacques.

Bi-Weekly Kukai Report

Black Bear Review

Black Bough.  
Haiku journal edited by Chuck Easter, 7 Park Avenue, Flemington, NJ 08822. 
Three issues per year for $13.50.  

Marianne Bluger   Poetry and publications.

Blyth, Reginald Horace (1898 - 1964)     Chronology of R. H. Blyth's life, bibliography, links, quotes
by and about R. H. Blyth.  Prepared by Michael P. Garofalo.    49K+.   

A Book of Awakenings.    By Michael Mayo.

Boston Haiku Society

bottle rockets: a collection of short verse.   A magazine dedicated to haiku, senryu and related poetry.
Edited by Stanford M. Forrester.  

Izak Bouwer - Moments    

Bramble Story   

British Haiku Society   Journal: Blithe Spirit

Brooks' English-Language Haiku Web Site.   Maintained by Randy and Shirley Brooks.  Excellent
presentation of featured poets, magazines, books, and poems.  Highly informative!!  Useful for teachers. 
Excellent on-line books featurring haiku with photographs by Michael Dylan Welch and Garry Gay;
and, artwork by John Polozzolo with haiku, and many others. Brooks Books publishes Mayfly
magazine and many other fine haiku books.   A Top Notch haiku website!   

Marjorie Buettner     


Yosa Buson (1716-1783)  Saicho       Links and Bibliography

Buson:  Articles on Buson and Sekkasha Collection.   By Hiroo Saga.   In Japanese; being translated
into English.

Buson's Biography    Includes selected haiku by Buson. 


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Cage of Fireflies:  Modern Japanese Haiku.    Translated by Lucien Stryk.  Athens, Ohio,
Swallow Press/Ohio University Press, 1993.   118 pages.

Caixa de Hai Kai.    Haiku in Portuguese. 

Cape Jasmine and Pomegranates.
  The free-meter haiku of Ippekiro (1887-1946).  Translated
by Soichi Furuta.  New York, Grossman Publishers, 1974.  182 pages.  

Caqui    Haiku in Brazil.  In Portuguese.  

Chameleon: A Renga Journal   Edited by Zane Parks.  Poetry, articles, links, books. 

Chances.   By Jeffrey Winke.   

Charnwood Arts - Webworks Gallery - Haiku

Albert Chekanov - Haiku Selections

Children of the Sparrow.
  By Robert Gibson.  Ink brush drawings by Karen Klein.  Foreward by
Jane Reichhold.  Seattle, Holly House Pub., 2000.   144 pages.  E-mail information.

Children's Haiku Garden   Haiku poems and accompanying artwork from young children around the world. 
An enjoyable and substantial website.   Edited by Ryo Suzuki.    Parents and teachers will also enjoy.

Chime of Wind Bells: A Year of Japanese Haiku in English Verse.
  Translations with an essay by
Harold Stewart.  Charles E. Tuttle, 1969.   Index, 236 pages.  This book, and Mr. Stewart's
Net of Fireflies, are unique in featuring translations of haiku into rhymed couplets.  

Chiyo-Ni: Woman Haiku Master.
   Translated by Patricia Donegan and Yoshie Ishibashi.  
Charles E. Tuttle Co., 1998.  184 pages. 

Chiyo's Corner: Journal     Edited by Kathleen P. Decker. 

Christmas Haiku.   By Tom Brinck.   

Cloud Hands: Taijiquan and Qigong

Classic Haiku: A Master's Selection.
   Edited by Yuzuru Miura.   Charles E Tuttle Co., 1992. 

The Classic Tradition of Haiku: An Anthology.
  Dover Publications, Dover Thirft Edition, 1996. 

Cliff's Haiku Frogpond    Frogs - haiku and photos. 

Cloud Hands: Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong

Cold Mountain Buddhas

Colors of Haiku.   Helen J. Sherry.

Competition and Publishing Opportunities.   Includes competitions and anthologies, publications, and Internet mailing lists.  Prepared by Sue Mill of Haiku Oz.

Concrete Poetry: Links, Bibliography and Some Poems     By Michael P. Garofalo.   130K+   

Confetti People.
   Haiku by Lee and sketches by Bill Schaefer. 

Contemporary Haiku: Origins and New Directions.   By A.C. Missias. 

©  the haiku page.  Edited by Tenaj.

Cool Melons - Turn to Frogs: The Life and Poems of Issa.  Edited by Matthew Gollub,
illustrated by Kazuko G. Stone and Keiko Smith.  Lee and Low Books, 1998.  
40 pages.   A children's book.  

Creative Ideas Haiku.    By Dan Brady. 

Cricket Never Does: A Collection of Haiku and Tanka
.    By Myra Cohn Livingston.  Illustrated
by Kees De Kiefte.  Margaret McElderry, 1997.  School and Library Binding.

Cricket Songs:  Japanese Haiku.
   Translated by Harry Behn.   New York, Harcourt, Brace and
World, 1964.  64 pages. 

Crow With Noh Mouth: Ikkyu -15th Century Zen Master. 
  Edited by Stephen Berg.   Copper
Canyon Press, 1989.  80 pages.

Cuttings   Short poems: haiku, quatrains, free verse, senryu, and couplets.    By Michael P. Garofalo. 

The Cyberpond
.   By A.C. Missias.  A regular column in each quarterly issue of the Frogpond haiku
magazine of HSA.  Excellent and substantive reviews of the Internet haiku scene by a highly
qualified reviewer.   


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Daily Zen   Zen quotes and koans. 

Dark Moon Poetry.   Haiku, sigo, and tanka by An'ya

The Definition of Haiku.   By Alexey Andreyev. 

Deutsche Haiku Gesellschaft.   German Haiku Society   Webmaster:  Gerd Börner.  Selected
haiku, senryu, tanka, and renga.   Information about the DHG seasonal magazine, meetings,
and competitions.  Links and book references.  Website in both German and English.  

A Dictionary of Haiku: Classified by Season Words with Traditional and Modern Methods.  
By Jane Reichhold.    Gualala, California, AHA Books, 1992.  353 pages.   All poems by Jane
Reichhold.  Ms. Reichhold has be very generous in providing a e-text version of her Dictionary.  

The Disjunctive Dragonfly: A Study of Disjunctive Methodology in Contemporary English Haiku.
By Richard Gilbert.  

Dog Haikus   A poetic tribute to the domesticated dog.

Dogwood Blossoms: An Electronic Journal of Haiku.  Articles, references, links, 
and many fine haiku.  By Gary Warner.

A Droplet of Rain.   By Lee Ana Schaefer. 

The Dumpling Field: Haiku of Issa.
   Translated by Lucien Stryk and Noboru Fujiwara.   
Swallow Press, 1991.   141 pages. 


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Echoes From Within.   By Sheldon H. Young.

Editorial Haiku Home Page by John Cho    Extensive collection of Gen X, hip-hop edku - urban senryu.

Eel Pie Dharma.    By Christopher F. Faiers, Canadian Chris.   A haibun memoir about life in the 
hip 1960's.  This website includes "Cricket Formations", self-published in 1969, "one of the first 
English language haiku collections published strictly outside the 5-7-5 format then prevailing."

(E)literature.  Poems by Carlos Fleitas.  English and Spanish versions of his haiku, portraits, short
poems, and commentaries.  Links to recommended haiku and art websites.    

Sara Edward's Haiku

Enchanted Haiku  

English-Language Haiku Web Site.   Maintained by Randy and Shirley Brooks.  Excellent presentation
of featured poets, magazines, books, and poems.  Highly informative!!  Useful for teachers.  Excellent
on-line books featurring haiku with photographs by Michael Dylan Welch and Garry Gay; and, artwork
by John Polozzolo with haiku.  Brooks Books publishes Mayfly magazine and many other fine haiku
books.   New material added on a regular basis.  A Top-Notch Haiku web site!   

Erotic Haiku Anthology.   Compiled and Edited by Hiroaki Sato.

Ecstasy of the Moment and the Depth of Time.   By Dushan Pajin.  90K.  

Essays about Haiku.  Links and references.   49K+.

The Essential Basho.
   By Basho Matsuo.   Translated by Sam Hamill.   Shambhala Publications,
1999.    240 pages.

The Essential Haiku:  Versions of Basho, Buson and Issa.
   Edited with verse translations
by Robert Hass.  Hopewell, New Jersey, Ecco Press, 1994.  Bibliography, 329 pages.

Jennifer Lee Adams Evenhus

Evergreen English Haiku Society   Coordinated by Ikuyo Yoshimura.   

Everyday Accounts: A Journal in the English Haibun style.   Edited by Ray Rasmussen.  



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Author Index to Haiku Poetry on the Internet
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The Farting Frog.   A huge collection of short poems.  Part of the Grumpy Dog site.

Featured Haiku Magazines   By Randy and Shirley Brooks. 

Donna Ferrell's Hokku and Waka

Field: A Haiku Circle
.   By Don Eulert.  Illustrated by Marci Brealey.  AHa Books, 1998.
78 pages.

Fire on the Mountain
:  The selected haiku of a wandering Zen monk Taneda Santoka.   

First Australian Haiku Anthology

First Tuesday Poetry.   By Dan McCullough.    

The Five Hundred Essential Japanese Season Words.   Selected by Kenkichi Yamamoto.  
Translated by Kris Young Kondo and William J. Higginson.

Floating Stone:   The Art and Poetry of Susumu Takiguchi

Flowers - Quotes, Poems, and Sayings for Gardeners

Flower Shadows.   By Sogi (Gary).  Sogi's high quality haiku, good links, and notes on Basho
in the Haiku Poet's Hut.

Forms in English Haiku.   By Keiko Imaoka.  Technical writing notes. 

For Students.   By David Lanoue.

Fragment and Phrase Theory.   By Jane Reichhold.

Fragmented Light   Haiku, Senryu, Rensaku and Poetry of the Moment - by various authors.  
Edited by Bridget Duquette.

Free Times - Temps Libres    Articles, poems, bibliographies, links.  An excellent site for those wishing
to explore haiku in the French and English languages.  This website has a strong European emphasis.
An extensive collection of fine haiku poems with French and English translations.  New and engaging
haiku poets are being featured at this fine website on a regular basis.  An outstanding source for new
information about haiku.  A very stylish presentation at this fine website.  Webmaster Serge Tomé.  

French Haiku Web Resources     Millikin University Mu Haiku

The Frogfest   John E. Carley.   

From 5-7-5 to 8-8-8
: An Investigation of Japanese Haiku Metrics and Implications for English Haiku.  
By Richard Gilbert and Judy Yoneoka.  136K.  

From the Country of Eight Islands: An Anthology of Japanese Poetry.   Edited by Hiroaki Sato
and Burton Watson.    New York, Columbia University Press, 1981.

Haiku journal of the Haiku Society of America.


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Michael P. Garofalo's Cuttings     Short Poems:  Haiku, Senryu, Couplets.    

Denis Garrison's Webzines

The Genuine Haiku Generator    Cyberpseudopoetic-haikulike poetry from HAL-2002:
100 Trillion permutations. 

German Haiku Web Resources    Milliken University Mu Haiku

The Ghazal - Then and Now.   By Harsangeet Kaur Bhullar.  Short poems from India and Pakistan. 

Allen Ginsberg's Haiku

Ginyu    Haiku magazine in Japanese.  E-mail:  Ban'ya Natsuishi.

Global Haiku.
   Edited by George Swede.   Mosac Press, 2000.

Goldie Japan Poetry

Grains of Rice   Photos and haiku by John Crook.

Grand Inspiritors:  Matsuo Basho. 

Gremio Sumauma De Haicai.   Haiku by Rosa Clement.  Haiku from Brazil. 

The Grumpy Dog

Guardian Unlimited Haiku Headlines

A Guide for Teaching Haiku.  Written by Patricia Donegan and Kazuo Sato.  An outstanding
website for teachers. 

Gunpowder River Poetry   Links organized by 8 categories.   Indexed by Denis Garrison.  30K.



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Quotes for Gardeners

Quotes, Sayings, Proverbs, Poetry, Maxims, Quips, Cliches, Adages, Wisdom
A Collection Growing to Over 2,700 Quotes, Arranged by 130 Topics
Many of the Documents Include Recommended Reading and Internet Links.
Compiled by Michael P. Garofalo








H  -   Articles about the Importance of Season Words, Basho, Santoka, and Shiki.  Short
essays by Kametaro Yagi.    

Haiga: Japanese Art and Haiku Poetry

Haiga Online    Fine painting, calligraphy and excellent haiku poetry.  Published by Jeanne Emrich,
with significant contributions by Susan Frame and Stephen Addiss. 

haijinx.   "putting the hai back in haiku."  Haijinx is a new quarterly web journal that focuses on
the role of humor in haiku in an effort to keep haiku fresh.  Edited by Mark Brooks, Alan Summers,
Serge Tomé, Linda Robeck and Carmen Sterba.  Poems include links to brief but informative
biographies of the authors. 

the haikai.info | haikai.org (hiho) project   This "project aims to be a premiere clearing house for
haikai (haiku, haiga, haibun, renku, senryu, etc) information on the web."   Based on "Haiku Resources"
by Mark Brooks.   Began in March 2002 by haijinx.   33K. 

Haiku    By R. H. Blyth.   Tokyo, Hokuseido, 1949-1952.   A landmark study in Four Volumes. 
The first saijiki in English.

Haiku     By David L. Brungart.

Haiku    By Ken Harris.

Haiku.  By Eric L. Houck, Jr. 

Haiku    How-To, Articles, Samples.  Mostly by Jane Reichhold. 

Haikucachoo's Haiku Wall

Haiku: A Fanpage

Haiku & Co.: quelques expériences poétiques.   By Andre Duhaime.   An excellent French site:
poetry, articles, links, references. 

Haiku and Empty Space.   By David Hodges.   20K.  

Haiku and Haiga.    By Kenichi Yamamoto.

Haiku and Senryu Harvests   By Victor P. Gendrano, Carson, California.  Mr. Gendrano was the
editor and publisher of Heritage magazine for Filipino-Americans. 

Haiku and Tanka - International Platform

The Haiku Anthology: Haiku and Senryu in English.    Edited by Cor Van Den Heuvel.  
W.W. Norton & Company, 1999.  363 pages, 3rd Edition.  This highly praised and often referred
to work has been popular enough to go into a 3rd edition at a major publishing house.  In this book
there are about 850 haiku and sneryu by 89 of the best English language haiku poets.   

Haiku Art   By Robert Cicione. 

Haiku Arts Room.   Haiku, art, and music by Tamasudare.


Haiku Beach    Haiku by Colin Shaddick and others. 

Haiku British Columbia

Haiku Canada    HC organization news, information, events, and journal. 

Haiku Canada Newsletter.
  Haiku newsletter/journal edited by LeRoy Gorman, 51 Graham
Street, Napanee, Ontario K7R 2J6 Canada.   Four issues per year for $20.00 plus other publications.  

Haiku.cc   Three line poems selected and presented by Bill Frogameni and Tom Olzak.  

Haiku Circus.   By Ken Sakamoto.  A haiku inspired comic strip.   Links.  

Haiku Classics by the Masters

Haiku Club of Slovenia

Haiku Cupboard     Poetry, prose, art, links, and resources.   Presentd by Neca Stoller. 

Haiku Cycles.    E-Journal and ebooks by the World Haiku Club and Denis M. Garrison.

Haiku Diary - My Blue Saffron    By Melissa Haney.  

Haiku Directories for Net Resources  20K+

Haiku Discussion Groups Index.   By William J. Higginson.  

Haiku Dreamworks.    By Ray Rasmussen.   Photographs, digital images, and short poems.  

Haiku Einführung, Beschreibung und Links

Haiku Essays and Theory.   Links and references.  49K+

Haiku Exchange Project   A superior collection of haiku by students from many schools around the
world.   Important!! 

Haiku e Zen.    Italian language website.

Haiku Fauna    

Haiku Field    By Martin Gottlieb Cohen.  

Haiku for Beginners.   Lessons by Paul Brown.

Haiku for Everyone.    Ensui Tachikawa.  In Japanese.

Haiku for People.    Editor Kei Greig Toyomasu.  Selected poems by the masters, contemporary
haiku and links.

Haiku for Teachers.   Links, References, and Resources.   Organized by grade levels.

Haiku for the Full Moon.   Poems by Cricket Members.  Created by Norm Jensen. 

Haiku Forum   A World Haiku Club (WHC) e-mail discussion list.  Coordinated by Susumu Takiguchi.

Haiku Friends  By Nobuyuki & Masako Takahashi.

Haiku from 55 Degrees North.   Haiku by Philip Noble. 

Haiku Gallery

Haiku Gallery

The Haiku Gallery  Haiku for children.   A web ring jumpsite. 

Haiku Garden.  By Doreen Bradley Satter.  

Haiku Garden   Urban, nature and Malaysian haiku by Chewly.


A Haiku Garden: The Four Seasons in Poems and Prints
.   Edited by Stephen Addiss,
Fumiko Yamamoto, and Akira Yamamoto.   Weatherhill, 1996. 

Haiku Habit.   By Jeanne Emrich.

Haiku Habitat  By Tom Brink.    

Haiku, Haiga and Haibun by Ray Rasmussen

Haiku, Haiku,
   Haiku information, links, and poems in German.  By Hans-Peter Kraus.  


The Haiku Handbook:  How to Write, Share, and Teach Haiku.
   By William J. Higginson with
Penny Harter.  Tokyo, Kodansha International, 1985.   Glossary, index, resources, season words,
331 pages.  A highly praised, and rightly so, guide to Haiku.  Review1.   Review2.    An essential
starting point!  Mr. Higginson is the editor for the Open Directory section on haiku poetry.  A Standard! 

Haiku Headlines.   Haiku journal:   1347 W. 71st Street, Los Angeles, CA 90044.   Monthly
issues at $12.00 per year. 

Haiku Home.   Fine haiku by Mark Alan Osterhaus.  A good collection of links.

A Haiku Homepage.    By Philip Adams.   

H@iku Horizon    Haiku and tankas by Karen Gustafsson.  Poems in Swedish.  

Haiku Houses.  Includes haiku poems by James W. Hackett. 

Haiku Hut   Edited by Michael Rehling.  

Haiku in English.  By Jan Jensen.



A Note on the Maintenance of this Poetry Web Page


Haiku in English.   By Harold Gould Henderson.   Rutland, Vermont, Charles E. Tuttle, 1967. 
One of the classics of  English language haiku. 

Haiku in English in North America.  By George Sweede.  History and criticism. 

Haiku in its Fullness.  By Angelee Deodhar.

Haiku in Low Places  A very nice collection of essays, links, and haiku by Paul David Mena.

Haiku International Association   In Japanese and English.  Selected and contempoary haiku,
contests, membership information, links, FAQ.  Opened in July 2002. 

Haiku and its Fullness
    Haiku by Angelee Deodhar.  

Haiku in Western Languages, Terebess Asia Online     Links, 21K

Haiku is What?   By L.A. Davidson.   17K.

Haiku Lessons.   Lesson plans for teachers (K-12).

Haiku Links and Directories   20K+

Haiku Links from Windfall Haiku    Some interesting small and marginal haiku sites were listed.

Haiku Links, References and Resources.   127K+

Haiku Live

Haiku Noir    A haiku journal edited by Denis Garrison.  

Haiku North America 2003

Haiku of Kobayashi Issa    This website offers a very large (1,750+) sample of Issa's haiku searchable
by keyword and by year of composition.  Very good translations by David Lanoue.   Excellent biographical
information about Issa provided by Mr. Lanoue:  Early Years: Step Child to Starling.   Settled Years
Return to Kashiwabara.  Restless Years: Issa the Wanderer. 


HaikuOz:  The Australian Haiku Society.


Haiku Magazine Subscription Information   An excellent haiku magazine database offered up
by Dogwood Blossoms.   

Haiku Magazines, Journals and Publications.  Bibliography by Michael Dylan Welch.  

Haiku Master Buson.
   By Yuki Sawa and Edith M. Shiffert.  South San Francisco, California,
Heian International, 1978.

Haiku Mix-n-Match   

Haiku Moment: An Anthology of Contemporary North American Haiku.
   Edited by Bruce Ross. 
Rutland, Vermont, Charles E. Tuttle, 1993.   821 haiku by 185 North American poets.   331 pages.  

Haiku of WordWright   By Colin Crombie.

A Haiku Path.  Haiku Society of America, 1968-1988.   Edited by the Haiku Society of America
Twentieth Anniversary Book Committee.  New York, Haiku Society of America, Inc., 1994.  
Index, appendices, 402 pages.  


Haiku Poems by Turki Amer.

Haiku Poetry for Teachers


Haiku Poetry - Poetry Pals:  K-12

Haiku Poetry:  Links, References, and Resources    A very comprehensive collection of links compiled
by Michael P. Garofalo.  This webpage provides both title and author indexing of Internet resources,
some topical arrangements of links, short descriptions of website offerings, and Amazon.com pointers
to relevant book titles.  Updated weekly, 200K+.    E-mail info to Mike

Haiku Poet's Hut    Maintained by Gary Barnes, Soji. 

Haiku Poets of Northern California

Haiku Pond.   By Hortensia Anderson. 

Haiku Presence.   Haiku Journal from Leeds, England.  Edited by Martin Lucas.  

Haiku Publications List.
   Published by the HSA in July 1998.  9 pages. 

Haiku Reading Group.    A Yahoo discussion group organized by Mark Brooks.    

Haiku Reality   By Sasa Vazic.  

Haiku Research Papers   By Richard Gilbert.

Haiku Resources.   Indexed By Mark Brooks.  A wide range of links, in title order, listed
under 14 categories.  Bibliography of haiku.   


Haiku sans Frontières une Anthlologie Mondiale.   Excellent and comprehensive resources. 

The Haiku Seasons: Poetry of the Natural World..
    By William J. Higginson.   Tokyo,
Kodansha International, 1997. 

Haiku Schetboek.  Dutch and English.  By Frans J. Kwaad.

Haiku, Senryu, Tanka - Poetry Net Links   By Bob Holman and Margery Snyder at The Mining Company.  

Haikus for Jews:  For You, a Little Wisdom.    By David M. Bader.     Harmony Books,
1999.   112 pages

Haikus for the Year    By Garth Wehrfritz-Hanson (Los Gos).  

Haikus from the Soul
.    By Alison and Lukas.

Haiku Shinbun   Links to Japanese language haiku websites.

The Haiku Society of America    Outstanding haiku and articles in their premier journal, Frogpond,
edited by Jim Kacian.  Membership in the HSA costs $25.00 for an annual membership, which includes
4 issues of  Frogpond,  plus four issues of the HSA Newsletter, directory and other information.  
Membership Information.    The HSA Newsletter has excellent information on the meetings of haiku
groups, new contests and competitions, classified ads, and HSA organizational news.  The HSA
website is under reconstruction by Dave Russo.  Frogpond is one of top 2 haiku journals in the
field of English language haiku.  

Haiku Spirit    DWW: Haiku Spirit: The Art of Haiku.  From Dublin, Ireland.  Edited by
Sean O’Connor and Jim Norton.    

Haiku Spring

Haiku Talk    Haiku discussion list and archives.   List maintained by Gerald England. 

Haiku Talk Links.
   Indexed by Gerald England.  Very good links to book reviews, magazine
reviews, and articles.  There is a great deal of useful, unique, and detailed information provided
at this website, which is an extension of New Hope International Publications.  Short comments
about the websites.  Title arrangement within five categories.   100K+. 

Haiku Theme Page   Resource and links for teachers. 

Haiku: The Poetry of Zen.
  By Manuela Dunn Mascetti.   Hyperion Books, 1998. 

Haiku: The Universality of Now.  By Dr. Randy M. Brooks.


Haiku:  This Other World.   By Richard Wright.  Edited with notes and afterword by
Yoshinobu Hakatuni and Robert L. Tener.   Arcade Publications, 1998.  256 pages.  
817 haiku and senryu selected from over 4,000 haiku by Richard Wright.   

Haiku Translations by R. H. Blytth

Haiku: un relámpago en el cielo claro.  Haiku in Spanish.  By Carlos Fleitas.  6K+

A Haiku Way of Life.  By Tom Clausen. (43K)

Haiku   By Ulf Mohager.

Haiku World   By Gary Warner.  

Haiku World:  An International Poetry Almanac.
    By William J. Higginson.   Tokyo, Kodansha
International, 1996.  Subject index (pp.396-407), author index, 407 pages. An outstanding haikai
saijiki which includes over 1,000 poems by over 600 poets from 50 countries.  Haiku are creativley
organized by broad topics (e.g., animals, earth, heavens, humanity, holidays, plants, etc.) within each
of the four seasons, new year, and all year categories.  The best English language saijiki.

The Haiku and Zen World of James W. Hackett  (1929-)

Haiku World Magazine Database

The Haiku Year   Seven friends each write and share one haiku each day for one year. 

Phil Hale - Haiku poems

Halloween Haikus by children.

Hamilton Haiku Press   Founded by Herb Barrett.   Currently published by Mekler & Deahl.

Happa-no-Kofu.    Chapbook publisher. 

Hard To Find: Marlene mountain   

HASEE.   Haiku Association of South East Europe.

The Heron's Nest: A Haikai Journal.   Edited by Christopher Herold, Ferris Gilli, and Paul MacNeil.  
On-line version of journal as well as a print version.   Monthly publication.  Index of authors.  Selected links. 

Hibiscus Petals   Essay by Ferris Gilli for the Hibiscus School of Western traditional haiku for the
WHC school.  Three parts.  96K.

Hirano   Hideaki Hirano's Website.

History of Haiku    By Ryu Yotsuya.  Informative short essays on 10 famous Japanese Haiku poets. 

Hokku     Articles, essays and notes by David Coomler.  

Hokku:  Writing Traditional Haiku in English.   By David Coomler.  Templegate, 2001.
ISBN 0872432556.

Hokku   Presented by Donna Farrell.   

Hokku Inn    Instructions and comments by Donna Ferrell and many other group members. 
A haiku e-mail discussion list. 


Hopala   French language website.

Hospice Haiku Poetry.    By Michael A. Benedetti.

How to Haiku  Haiku: A New Word, A New World.  Gary Gach.  

    Haiku journal edited by Phyllis Walsh, P.O. Box 96, Richland Center,
WI 53581.   Four issues per year for $15.00. 

Humor:   haijinxGardening   

Humor in Haiku.   By David Cobb.

Hypertext Haiku.  Dolores Hooper.


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1,404,416  Webpages
[Excluding graphics]

Served to Readers From March 2000 - December 2003

from the Poetry Notebooks of Michael P. Garofalo
Reviews and Feedback







If Error Messages Were Haiku

Ikkyu Sojun (1394-1481)Links and References.   

In Buddha's Temple    Editor:  Henry L. Sanders.  

In Due Season.    A discussion of the role of kigo in English-language haiku.  Acorn
Journal publication. 

The Ink Dark Moon: Love Poems by Ono No Komachi and Izumi Shikibu
.    Translated by
Jane Hirshfield.  Vintage Books, Reprint, 1990.  160 pages. 

Interactive Haiku Home Page

Interactive Photo-Haiku.   Overcoming Time and Distance.  118 photographs, and 1046 poems. 
Edited by Mitsugu Abe.  In English and Japanese.  Some links and information on a variety
of photography/poetry topics.   Excellent!!

Interactive Poetry    Thanks to Ann Cantelow. 

In the Moonlight a Worm   Ideas for elementary school teachers using the haiku form,
good bibliography, resources.

in the still.  Poems by Franz Brookmann.

Introduction to Haiku   Emphasis upon Basho, Issa, and Buson. 

An Introduction to Haiku: An Anthology of Poems and Poets from Basho to Shiki.  
By Harold G. Henderson.  Garden City, New York, Doubleday & Co., Inc., 1958.  179 pages. 
A very influential early work, based on his small book on haiku called Bamboo Broom published
in 1933.  The authors selected include: Basho, Buson, Issa, Shiki, and others.   Many of the
translations into three line poems used rhyme and/or assonance.  

Issa   ("Cup of Tea")   Yataro Kobayashi   (1763-1827)
    Links and References

Issa: Cup-of-Tea Poems; Selected Haiku of Kobayashi Issa
.    Translated by David G. Lanoue. 
Berkeley: Asian Humanities Press, 1991.

  Early Years: Step Child to Starling.   Settled Years:  Return to Kashiwabara.  Restless Years: Issa
the Wanderer.  Excellent biograpical information, translations and commentary by David G. Lanoue. 
Issa Websites. 

Issa's Biography and Selected Haiku

Issa's Haiku Homepage

It Takes Two to Renga:  What is Renga

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Japanese Art and Western Influences   By Nico Veenman. 

Japanese Death Poems.
  Written by Zen Monks and Haiku Poets on the Verge of Death.   Complied
with an introduction by Yoel Hoffmann.  Rutland, Vermont, Charles E. Tuttle, 1998.  Index, glossary,
366 pages. 

Japanese Death Poetry

The Japanese Haiku: Its Essential Nature, History, and Possibilities in English.  
By Kenneth Yasuda.  Rutland, Vermont, Charles E. Tuttle, 1957.   232 pages.   Reprinted 1994. 

The Japanese Haiku Masters.   Links, References and Resources.

The Japanese Literature Home Page.   Mark Jewel.

Japanese Literature Webring Resources  Sites selected by Warren Tang.

Japanese Text Initiative.  From the University of Virginia and the University of Pittsburgh.

Japanese Women's Poetry: Sources and Bibliography   A good bibliography, resources, and links.   
Leads to the outstanding website Women's Early Music, Art and Poetry.

Japaniad    Timothy Russell's commentary on his 1999 travels in Japan. 

Japanophile Magazine

Journal Subscription Information   Excellent haiku journal database offered at Dogwood Blossoms.

Journeys: A Quarterly of English-language Haibun.  Published regularly in February, May, 
August and November.  Features short haibun under 250 words reflecting contemporary idioms 
and life; not interested in imitations of Japanese models. Various editors; consulting editor and 
contributor, Michael McClintock.  $6 for 4 issues, payable to "Hermitage West", P.O. Box 124, 
South Pasadena, CA 91031-0124.  Has published Cor van den Heuvel, John Stevenson, William 
Ramsey, et al.  Email submissions welcome (use subject line "Journeys") 
to:  HermitageWest@aol.com

Journey to the Interior: American Versions of Haibun.
   Edited by Bruce Ross. 
Charles E. Tuttle, 1998.   256 pages. 

Just These Few Stones     By Richard Goring

JWA@Play  Edgy city life senryu.


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Kahlo Haiku   The paintings by Frieda Kahlo are fine, the senryu are offbeat.

Kapok Tree Haiku.   By Rosa Clement.   Gremio Sumauma de Haicai.  Brazil. 

Katikati: Haiku Pathway.   Walking in New Zealand.

Kimo - Haiku in Hebrew.  By Roy Chicky Arad, Tel Aviv.

Ku Nouveau.  Journal of Avant-garde Haiku.  Edited by Dennis Garrison and John Carley.

Kurzlyrik von Gerd Börner.  In der Tradition Japanischer Gedichtformen.

Kyoshi: A Haiku Master
  Father of Modern Japanese Haiku.  Poetry of Takahama Kyoshi. 
Translated by Susumu Takiguchi.  Ami-Net International Press, England, 1997. 


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The Lair of the Mythos Haiku   Philip C. Robinson.  

Laughing CyPress.   Edited by Kathleen P. Decker.

Lesson Plans for Teaching Haiku.   Links, references and resources.  Organized by
grade levels.  60K+.

Light of the World:   Poetry of Dermot O Brien.

Dhugal J. Lindsay's Haiku Universe   An collection of 14 very interesting essays. 

Links to Haiku Sites.   Indexed by Mark Alan Osterhaus.   A title arrangement of selected links
under eight categories.  Few comments about the links.  This haiku links webpage was one of the
first on the Net, and is linked to by most webmasters because of the quality of the links.  

A Long Rainy Season: Haiku & Tanka.     Edited by Leza Lowitz, Miyuki Aoyama,
Akemi Tomioka, and Miyuki Aoyana.  Contemporary Japanese Women's Poetry, Vol 1.  
Illustrated by Robert Kushner.   Stone Bridge Press, 1994.   198 pages.

The Long Way Home.    By Gary Gay.   Haiku and photographs. 

Lyagushatnik   Haiku in Russian.   Edited by Alexey Andreyev.

Lynx    A Journal for Linking Poets.   Edited by 

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Michael McClintock.   Profile and E-mail.   Nature, Sex and Bluntness by Adria Neapolitan.  Extensive
interview with Susumu Takiguchi in 2002 (69K), including selected poems and bibliographic references.
Cinquain from Amaze.

Heather Madrone's Haiku

Magazine Subscription Information
   Excellent haiku magazine database offered at
Dogwood Blossoms.

Magazines Publishing Haiku, Senryu, Tanka, Renga, Haibun, Sijo and Sedoka.  Complied by
Pamelyn Casto and Mandy Smith.

Mainichi Daily News Interactive - Haiku in English   

Making Haiku     Japanese

Miira Mand's Haiku Page

marlene mountain    -  Poems, "one-line haiku," short essays, art, literary experiments.  A mountain
indeed, with many steep ledges to fall off into the raw and radical realm of her ideas and images. 

Masaoka Shiki   The Discovery of Haiku.

Shiki Masaoka Haiku Awards Project

Mayfly.  A haiku magazine edited by Randy and Shirley Brooks. 


Meguro International Friendship Association   MIFA International Haiku Circle.   A large collection of
haiku from the regular meetings of this group. 

Los Mejores Haiku de la red.    Information and selected poems in Spanish.  Edited by Oscar Sanchez.  

Paul David Mena - Haiku Selections

Metaphysical Duets

Metered Haiku.    Developed by Sondra Ball and Mario Cavallini.  Very stylish display of haiku
using Java.  Poems by Cavallini, Buson, Reichhold, Basho, and Issa.   

Michi Online: Journal of Japanese Cultural Arts

Midwest: Cradle of American Haiku.   By Lee Gurga. 



MIFA International Haiku Circle   Meguro International Friendship Association.   A large collection of
haiku from the regular meetings of this group. 

Miku   Haiku by Kevin Taylor.

Miiras Haiku Page   

Millikin University Haiku   An excellent website featuring research, poety, interviews, links, news, and information.  

Mimi's Haiku

Andrea C. Missia's Poetry Page  Haiku, tanka, travel journal, sonnets, and other fine poems. 

Mitsuko's Haiku World     Japanese

MMF Haiku

Modern and Contemporary American Poetry   English 88 Project.

The Modern English Haiku.
  Edited by George Swede.  Toronto, Ontario, Columbine
Editions, 1981.


Modern Haiku
        An Independent Journal of Haiku and Haiku Studies.  A high
quality haiku journal published since 1969.  Currently edited by Dr. Lee Gurga, associate
editor Charles Trumbull, art editor Linda Rozmus, and web editor Randy Brooks.  Edited
and guided by Kay Titus Mormino 1969-1977, and Robert Spiess 1978-2002.  For 
subscriptions write to:  Modern Haiku, P.O. Box 68, Lincoln IL 62656.  Three issues per 
year (February, June, and October) for $20.00.  Excellent short articles and selections of 
haiku, senryu, haibun, and renga.  Mr. Spiess, who passed away in March 2002, also 
developed over 858 haiku maxims and observations.  This is my favorite haiku journal!
The new Modern Haiku website is informative, stylish, and packed with content.  

Modern Japanese Tanka: An Anthology.
   Edited by Makoto Ueda.  Modern Asian
Literature Series.  Columbia University Press, 1996.   288 pages.  

Modern Waka    A Mountain Home Journal.  Edited by Donna Ferrell.

Moments   Selected poems, links, articles, and contests.   By Tina Stanton.  

Moments    By Richard Stevenson.  

Mountain-Home   Mail list moderated by Donna Ferrell.  

Mountain Voices by Ion Codrescu, Romania

marlene mountain  

Mountain Tasting: Zen Haiku.
   By Sant-oka Taneda (1882-1940).  Translated and introduction
by John Stevens.    New York, Weatherhill, 1980. 

Mountain Voices.    Ion Codrescu. 

Mountain Water School of Haiku.
  This haiku school is led by David Coomler.  This school
is "rooted in the monumental work of R. H. Blyth, in the classic haiku of Japan, and ultimately in the
Zen/Ch'an and Taoist-based poetry of old Japan and China."  Hokku-Inn is the public forum, a
general posting site for haiku and discussion among intermediate level school members.  
Mountain-Water is for deeper discussion of haiku-related matters among
selected long-time and committed students.  Quiet-Pond is for selected advanced students
who might from time to time prefer student-teacher interaction only. 

Moveo Angelus

Mushimegane:  Haiku, Tanka, Literature and Contemporary Art in Japan.  A literary magazine
published by Ryu Yotsuya & Niji Fuyuno, including their poetry.  Website versions in
French and Japanese. 

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Naia's Haiku Haven   A variety of poetry styles by Naia are represented, 
and the website includes selected quotations.  

Naia's Poetry and Art Center

Narrow Road to the Deep North.  Matsuo Basho.  Translated by Tim Chilcott.

net.Poetry - Haiku Poems

A Net of Fireflies: Japanese Haiku and Haiku Paintings.
   Translated and edited by Harold
Stewart.  Charles E. Tuttle, 1993.  Mr. Stewart prefers to translate haiku poems in the rhymed
couplet format.

The New American Imagist.    A poetry series of "chaplet" collections by individual poets, 
edited by Michael McClintock and an occasional guest editor.  Interested in neo-Imagist and 
post-modern impressionist poetry, including work showing the influence of modern haiku and 
related forms and genres, written in the American idiom and grounded in contemporary experience. 
First four in the series feature work by John Polozzolo, Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal, Robert 
Edwards, and Leonard J. Cirino. About 8 titles per year, available individually for $1.50 each; 
checks payable to "Hermitage West."  Pays 30 copies to the author.  Email submissions welcome 
(use subject line "New American Imagist") to:  HermitageWest@aol.com.

The New Kokinshu.    An excellent essay on Tanka poetry by Steven D. Carter.   

Nick Virgilio Haiku Association    

Nick Virgilio and American Haiku.   By Cor van den Heuvel.   53K.  

Nightingale     Edited by Joe Warner.  

North Carolina Haiku Society    Information, selected haiku, books and links.  Excellent list of
haiku editors.   Webmaster: Dave Russo.

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Ogura Hyakunin Isshu   Waka-Tanka by 100 poets.

One Hundred Frogs: From Renga to Haiku in English.
   By Hiroaki Sato.  New York,
Weatherhill, 1983.

The One Year Daily Haiku Project  By Paul Brown.  Over 1,000 poems. 

Open Directory Haiku Poetry Links.  Links selected by William J. Higginson, aka "wordfield,"
renowned haiku author and scholar.  Provides indexing of links by categories: general haiku,
personal haiku pages, linked forms, Sijo, Tanka, and psuedo haiku.  Updated on an irregular
basis. Brief comments about each link.  The Open Directory Index is used by AOL, Hot Bot,
Lycos, and Google. 

O2 Haiku - Little Blue Toaster


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Quotes for Gardeners

Quotes, Sayings, Proverbs, Poetry, Maxims, Quips, Cliches, Adages, Wisdom
A Collection Growing to Over 2,700 Quotes,  Arranged by 130 Topics
Many of the Documents Include Recommended Reading and Internet Links.
Compiled by Michael P. Garofalo








Paper Lanterns    Debra Woolard Bender. 

Paper Wasp   Haiku magazine from Australia.

A Path in the Garden.  By Christopher Herod.  Watercolor illustrations by Ruth Yarrow. 
Katsura Press, 2000. 100 pages.

Path of the Flowering Thorn: The Life and Poetry of Yosa Buson.  By Makoto Ueda. 
Stanford, California, Stanford University Press, 1998.   Bibliography, index, indexes to hokku,
appendices, 226 pages. 

Penguin Book of Zen Poetry.
   Translated and Edited by Lucien Stryk and Takashi Ikemoto. 
Penguin USA, Reprint 1988.

   An Asian literature magazine edited by James and Mary Taylor.  19626 Damman,
Harper Woods, MI 48225.    

PhotoHaiku Arts     By Roderick Stewart.  

Photo-Haiku Gallery.  English and Japanese versions.  Webmaster Mitsugu Abe. 

Pinecone.    The North Georgia Haiku Society. 

Pizzaz! -  Haiku Poems.    Links from Leslie Opp-Beckman.


Poems of 17 Syllables.    By Madoka Mayuzumi.

Poeticus Furor Haiku.    By Anthony Dauer. 

Poetry Guide of Bob Holman and Margery Snyder at the Mining Company.  A good starting point
for links to all types of poetry. 

Poetry in the Light   Presented by Elizabeth St. Jacques, a respected haiku poet.   Haiku, Haibun,
Haiku Sequences, Renga, Tanka, and Sigo are covered at this fine site.  Haiku Light is an on-line
publication that features fine poems by a variety of talented writers.  The site includes informative
articles about a variety of topics, book reviews, and a good selection of annotated links.  Includes
informative biographies about many poets.  Outstanding!!  

PoetryPoetry.  Audio poetry site organized by Charlie Rossiter.

Poetry Previews - Haiku

Poetry with John Bird.

The Poetry Works    

Poetry Worm     Ezine

Poets by Last Name - World Haiku Association
  An excellent biographical dictionary of haiku
poets, publishers, editors, critics, etc.  Detailed and informative biographies, sometimes with a 
photo, and notes on publications by the individuals.  Authors using other Asian poetic forms are 
also included.  An outstanding resource!   

Pop!  The Jack Kerouac Haiku Page

Proyectos by Sonia Andres.   Spanish language haiku, art, and visual poetry. 

Psalms as Haiku:  The Tanka Psalter

Psychopoetica.   Edited by Geoff Lowe and Trevor Millum. 

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A Note on the Maintenance of this Poetry Web Page






Quake Haiku

A Quiet Place.  Poetry by Leslye Layne Russell. 

Quiet Site    Scholarly articles by Richard Gilbert and others, selected poetry, and artwork.  

Quotes about Poetry     45K.

Quotes for Gardeners   Over 2,500 quotes arranged by over 130 topics. 



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Random Word Haiku  Computer generated haiku.  Uses the Mirriam-Webster's WWW Dictionary.

Red Elixir.    Eastern arts by Sonia Lyra. 

Redfox Press

Red Moon Press     The annual Red Moon Anthology, containing the best haiku of the year, edited by
Jim Kacian.  Books by Dee Evetts, Anthony Pupello, John Elsberg, H. F. Noyes, and Jim Kacian. 
Mr. Kacian is currently the editor for the journal Frogpond by the HSA.   P.O. Box 2461,
Winchester VA, 22604.  (540) 722-2156.  E-mail:  redmoon@shentel.net

Redneck Haiku.    By David Burge. 

Reeds: Contemporary Haiga.  Founded and edited by Jeanne Emrich.  

Reflections - A Haiku Diary   An electronic haiku journal edited by H.K.Bhullar.   

Reimei Haiku Society

   The mechanism of linking in Japanese culture.   Essay by Yuko Tanaka.

Renga   Good essays and information by Jane Reichhold and others.  

Renga and Other Linked Verse   By Mark Alan Osterhaus. 

Renga - A Linked Verse Journey

Renga by T.L. Kelly and Friends  Poems, articles, and many links. 

Renga.com   Produced by Reiko Nakamura and Toshihiro Anzai.

Renga MIT

Renku Home.   By William J. Higginson.   Over 10 informative artcles about renku.  Includes an
excellent bibliography. 

The RetroPostNeoModernClassical Poetry & Haiku Connection

Rhyming Haiku.  By Charles Turnbull.  11K

Riding White Roads Renga Diagram

El Rincón del Haiku.    History, masters, books, and links.  A very good Spanish language website. 
Presented by  Luis Corrales Vasco.   

Rise, Ye Sea Slugs!  A Theme from "In Praise of Olde Haiku, with Many More Poems and Fine
Elaboration.  By Robin D. Gill.  Key Biscayne, Florida, Paraverse Press, 2003.  484 pages.
ISBN: 0974261807.  

River of Stars: Selected Poems of Yosano Akiko.
   By Akiko Yosano.    Translated by
Keiko Matsui Gibson, and illustrated by Stephen Addiss.    Shambhala Publications,
1997.  60 pages.    

Rod's Poetry Cafe - Haiku    Poems, music, and artwork. 

Rose Mallow Haiku Class.    Taught by Mrs. Sugawa.

Russian Haiku E-Zine   By Alexey Andreyev.

Ryokan's Poetry



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Le Saijiki En Francias

Elisabeth St. Jacques - Haiku Selections.

Salon    21st Century Haiku Error Messages

Sangeet's Haiku and Poetry Corner  A great collection of links, articles, haiku by selected
poets, and information. 

The SciFaiku Manifesto

Seasons - Quotes and poems for gardeners

Seeds from a Birch Tree: Writing Haiku and the Spiritual Journey.     By Clark Strand. 
New York, Hyperion, 1997.  188 pages.  

See Haiku Here    Digital haiga gallery.   An excellent collection of haiga by authors from around
the world.  Edited by Kuniharu Shimizu.

Selected Tanka Bibliography.  By William J. Higginson. 

Senryu   A mail list discussion group.  

Senryu: Japanese Satirical Verses.
   Translated and explained by R. H. Blyth.  
Tokyo, The Hokuseido Press, 1949.   230 pages.  Includes hundreds of black and
white sketches and some colored plates. 

Senryu Magazine.  118 Schley Street, Garfield, New Jersey 07026.  $10.00.  Edited by Alan Pizzarelli.

Sensei Salon - Teaching Tools.  Extensive haiku bibliography by Kristen Deming.   Excellent!!

sensorium linked senses

Shashin-Kaku Haiku.  By Wayne Ray.

Sherin Chapbook


Masaoka Shiki (1867-1902).   Links and References.

Masaoka Shiki   The Discovery of Haiku.

Masaoka Shiki and Ishite-ji

Shiki Archives

Masaoka Shiki: Selected Poems.
   By Masaoka Shiki.    Translated by Burton Watson. 
Columbia University Press, 1998. 136 pages.


Shimanami Kaido International Haiku

Short Summers - étés courts.   By Cindy Zackowitz.   Haiku in French and English.  
Images from Alaska.

Sigo Poetry:  AHA Poetry.

Sigo: Song of Seasons.    Short Korean poetry.  U.C. Berkeley Collection.

Sijo Forum.   Discussion list with Larry Gross as moderator.

Sijo West     Asian Poetry: The Korean Sijo.  By Larry Gross.

Simply Haiku: An E-Journal of Haiku and Related Forms.  Edited by Robert Wison.
Associate editors: Carol Raisfeld and Johnye Strickland.  Includes haiku, tanka,
haibun, renku, haiga, oriental arts, interviews, and feature articles.  Biomonthly,
first issue in July 2003, with archives of back issues.  Kukai competitions.    

Small Garlic Press
   Chapbook publisher.   

Snapshot Press  Liverpool, UK.   

Small Press Bulletin Board

Snapshots - Haiku Magazine

Soji's Haiku Links    

Sol Magazine   A poetey e-zine fostering the writing of short poetry: news, writing tips, 
contests, selected poems.  

Some Haiku by Francine Porad

South by Southeast: Haiku and Haiku Arts.    Edited by Jim Kacian. 

Spam Haiku    If you can stomach the taste ....

Spam Haiku Archive.    By John Cho.   Poems, notes, links. 

Sparks from the Flame.   Alan Harris.

Speculations.   By Robert Spiess.  From Modern Haiku magazine.

The Spirit of Gardening  Many haiku, quotations and short poems about gardening
and backyard nature studies may be found at this extensive website (6MB).

Ruby Spriggs (1929-2001)    Canadian haiku poet remembered.

The Spring of My Life: And Selected Haiku.
   By Issa Kobayashi.   Translated by
Sam Hamill.  Illustrated by Kaji Aso.   Shambhala Publications, 1997.   176 pages.

Spring - Quotes and poems for gardeners.

Spyder's Empire Of Haiku  Post your own haiku.

Stalking the Wild Onji: The Search for Current Linguistic Terms Used in Japanese 
Poetry Circles.  By Richard Gilbert.   62K.  

Tina Stanton  Haiku and haibun.  "Moments"

Stone Bench in an Empty Park.
   Edited by by Paul B. Janeczko, and illustrated by
Henri Silberman.  Orchard Books, 2000.   40 pages. For children, ages 9 -12. 

Student Haiku - Haiku in U.S. History

The Study of Issa in Modern Times.  By Yoshi Mikami.  In English and Japanese. 
Good links to Japanese language haiku sites.

  Quotes and poems for gardeners.   

Summer Evenings     Haiku by Alenka Zorman.

George Swede  - Haiku poet and editor. 


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Eri Takase Haiku Artwork  Fine art, haiku, lots of information.  Be sure to visit the Library

T'ai Chi Ch'uan and Chi Kung - Cloud Hands

Tamarack & Clearcut.
   Haiku poems by Marianne Bluger.  Photographs by Rudi Haas. 
Carleton University Press, 1997.  Review.


Tanka and Tradition.    By Larry Gross.

the tanka anthology
.  Tanka in English and from Around the World.  Edited by 
Michael McClintock, Pamela Miller Ness and Jim Kacian.  Introduction by 
Michael McClintock.   Winchester, Virginia, Red Mood Press, 2003.  Poet's
biographies, 231 pages.  ISBN: 1893959406.  

Tanka Discussion Group on Yahoo.

Tanka Links (ODP)

Tanka Poets Club of Japan.

Tao Mountain    Watercolor paintings, collages, and poetry.

Teaching Haiku Poetry.   Compiled by Michael P. Garofalo.  Links to Internet sites
and other resources useful to teachers.   Links organized by grade levels (K-12).  
60K+.   Includes quotations about the haiku form. 

Teaching Japanese Poetry Writing

Temple Dusk: Zen Haiku.
   By Mitsu Suzuki.   Translated by Kazuaki Tanahashi
and Gregory A. Wood.   Parallax Press, 1992. 

Temps Libres - Free Times: Haiku Publication and Reference.  Articles, poems, bibliographies,
links.  Excellent site for those wishing to explore haiku in the French language; a strong European
emphasis.   Extensive collection of fine haiku poems with French and English translations.   
Webmaster Serge Tomé.

Tenement Landscapes.    Paul D. Mena.  Includes photographs by Mary M. Mena. 

Tercets   Selected tercets and links.  

That Art Thou: A Way of Haiku.   By James W. Hackett.    2001.   Last chapter

That Loveable Old Issa.   By Earle J. Stone.

Thicket of Thorns.   A huge collection of 3 line poems.  Part of the Grumpy Dog site.

The Three Hundred Missing Poems of Han Shan.  By Mazie and Robert O'Hearn.

Tim Chilcott Literary Translations

tinywords: a daily haiku zine.    Edited by d. f. tweney. 

Toast Point Haiku Contest

Tokoroten Haiki News

Tou-Tanka-Kai:   Invitation to Tanka World.

Toward an Aesthetic for English-Language Haiku.   By Lee Gurga.   54K+.

Traditional Haiku Association - Japan



Traces of Dreams: Landscape, Cultural Memory, and the Poetry of Basho.   
By Haruo Shirane.   Palo Alto, California, Stanford University Press, 1998.  294 pages.

Transmissions in Seventeen.  Downhome haiku by the ex-Nashville homeboy Richie Milliennium. 

Trees - Quotes for Gardeners 

Trip Trap: Haiku on the Road from Sf to Ny.   Haiku by Jack Kerouac.  Edited by
Albert Saijo and Lew Welch.  Grey Fox Press, 1999.   80 pages.

Tundra: The Journal of Short Verse    Edited by Michael Dylan Welch.  Poetry, short essays, book reviews,
and information.  An excellent journal!!  Successor to Woodnotes.   Three issues for $21.  
Welch, Michael   22230 NE 28th Place, Sammamish, WA 98074-6408 USA

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Ukiyo-E Gallery.   Developed by Jim Breen.  Some good links for Japanese art prints.    

ukku  The community webspace of some haiku poets in the United Kingdom.   

Ukiyoway: Poetry, Art and Uncommon Zense    Politics and poetry.  

The Unofficial Newcomer's Guide to Haiku Mailing Lists.
  By Mark Brooks.  Dated: 23 July 2001.
A very good FAQ style guide to mailing list etiquette and haiku lists. 



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Geert Verbeke   Haiku poet from Belgium: and, Singing Bowls.

Vietnam Ruminations
.   Haiku and haibun about the war in South Vietnam by Robert D. Wilson.  

The Nick Virgilio Haiku Association

Vision's Edge



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Naomi Wakan's Writing Page

Walking into the Wind
     Poems by Santoka.   Translated by Cid Corman.   Illustrated by
Alan C. Lau.  Cadmus Editions, 1997.  142 pages.

Want Fries with Those Haiku.    By Michael Dylan Welch.  Excellent poems!  Well known
poet, editor, scholar and leader in the haiku field. 

Warrensburg-Latham Sixth Grade Haiku Anthology

Waterblossoms     A journal dedicated to the delicate art of short verse.  Editor:  M. J. Haney.

Waving Hands Like Clouds: T'ai Chi Ch'uan and Chi Kung

The Way of Haiku: An Anthology of Haiku Poems.   By James Hackett.   Japan
Publications Inc., 1969.

Weeds and Weeding.  Quotes and poems for gardeners.

Michael Dylan Welch  - Haiku Selections

Welcome to Renga.  By Hortensia Anderson.

What is a Tanka?    By Richard MacDonald.

What's New
at this website???

White Crow Haiku.  By Anna Holley.

Wild Ways: Zen Poems of Ikkyu.
  Edited by John Stevens.    Shambhala, 1995.  131 pages. 

Geoffrey Wilson - 100 Mississippi Delta Blues Haiku - Haiku Selections

Winke Archives - Haiku

Winter - Quotes and poems for gardeners.

Winter Haiku    By Dianne Schuller.

Winter Spin - Haiku journal from New Zealand.

Witata, Vitomir Miletic.    Haiku poems from Yugoslavia.  

WocoJoe's Web Magazine

Woodnotes     Notes by the editor,  Michael Dylan Welch   22230 NE 28th Place, Sammamish, WA 98074-6408 USA.

Word Dance:  Haiku Writing Worksheet.  For teachers working with children, grades 2-6.

The Wordless Poem: A Study of Zen in Haiku.
   By Eric Amann.  Toronto, Ontario, The
Haiku Society of Canada, 1978.

World Poetry Directory

WHCMarleneMountain.    E-mail discussion list.   Coordinated by Marlene Mountain.

WHCHaiku Forum   A World Haiku Club (WHC) e-mail discussion list.  Coordinated by
Susumu Takiguchi.

World Haiku Association    Links, News, Poems, Contacts.  

World Haiku Club (WHC)    

World Haiku Club Archives

World Haiku Festival 2000

World Haiku Review.   

World Kid Magazine - Haiku Exchange Project

World Wall Haiku.    Poetic reflections about the tragedy of September 11, 2001.

Richard Wright

Writing Haiku Poetry.   Internet and print resources for teachers and writers.  61K+



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Young Leaves   Web presence of the Yuki Teikei Haiku Society.  Information on the purpose of
the society, upcoming events, and selected poetry.  The webmaster is Pat Gallagher.  
This group publishes a work-study journal Geppo edited by Jean Hale.  Many work and social
activities are held in area near San Jose, California.

Yuki Teikei Haiku Society   Webmaster Pat Gallagher.  

Yuki Teikei Haiku Society - Season Word List    


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Cindy Zackowitz   

Zen in English Literature and Oriental Classics.
   By R. H. Blyth

Zen Poetry.  Extensive links and bibliography, a large collection of selected quotes, notes,
special studies, and webpages on noted Zen poetry scholars and translators, e.g., R. H. Blyth,
Lucien Stryk, etc..   310K+    From the Poetry Notebooks of Michael P. Garofalo. 

Zenophilia Series.  By Bob Harbinson.

Zen Poetry -  A Haiku Diary.    By Vigyanand Fuglsang, Denmark.

Zen Poetry Index (dmoz.org).  

Zen Poetry: Let the Spring Breeze Enter.
   Translated by Lucien Stryk and Takashi Ikemoto.  
Grove Press, 1995.  124 pages.

A Zen Wave: Basho's Haiku and Zen.
   By Robert Aitken.  Weatherhill, Inc, 1979..  192 pages.


The Zip: An Analogue to the Japanese Haiku.   By John E. Carley.  Definition and examples. 



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Cloud Hands: T'ai Chi Ch'uan and Qigong

Zen Poetry

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