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          Matsuo Basho  (1644-1694)


Back Roads to Far Towns.   Translated by Cid Corman and Kamaike Susumu.   1986.

Basho and His Interpreters: Selected Hokku With Commentary
   By Makoto Ueda. 
Stanford University Press, 1992.

Basho and Haikai.   Mark Jewel.   38K.  Commentary, links and bibliography.

Basho and Kukai.  Article by Hideaki Hirano.

Basho and the Fox.   By Tim Myers. Illustrated by Oki. S. Han.  New York, Marxhall Cavendish,
2000.   29 pages.   Children's picture book.

Matsuo Basho and Zen Haiku

Basho, A Story     Articles and information.  The Gentlest and Greatest Friend of Moon and Winds.

Basho Database   Japanese language resource.

Basho Issue,    (sic) Magazine #5

Basho Links

Basho - Links
. Search.   185 Links.  108K.  

Basho Ki 1998    Basho's Day is November 25th.  Haiku featuring frogs.

Basho Matsuo.    By Ryu Yotsuya.   5K. 

Basho's Biography    Includes some haiku and haibun by Basho.

Basho's Calligraphy - Examples

Basho's Haiku: Three Interpretations.   Contrasting translations by R. H. Blyth, Lucien Stryck, and Beilenson. 

Basho's Life.    By T. Stanley and R. Irving.   4K. 

Basho's Life.    By Makoto Ueda.   39K.

Basho's Manuscript Discovery.   

Basho's Narrow Road    Translated by Hiroaki Sato.  Stonebridge Press.

Basho's Narrow Road
.   Spring and Autumn Passages.  Includes the Renga Sequence A Farewell Gift
to Sora. 
Translated with detailed annotations by Hiroaki Sato.  Foreward by Cor van den Heuvel. 
Berkeley, California, Stone Bridge Press, 1996.  186 pages.

Basho's World   Maintained by Stephen Kohl.    Text of "Narrow Road to the Deep North." 

Reginald Horace Blyth's Translations

The Essential Basho.   By Matsuo Basho.   Translated by Sam Hamill.   Shambhala Publications,
1999.    240 pages.

The Essential Haiku:  Versions of Basho, Buson and Issa.
   Edited with verse translations
by Robert Hass.  Hopewell, New Jersey, Ecco Press, 1994.  Bibliography, 329 pages.

Fellow Traveler:   Themes in Basho's Oku no Hosomichi and the Works of Li Po.  By: Larry D. Clark

Flower Shadows.   By Sogi (Gary).  Sogi's haiku, good links, and notes on Basho in the Haiku Poet's Hut.

Grand Inspiritors:  Matsuo Basho.  Good links and a short bibliography.


Haiku    By R. H. Blyth.   Tokyo, Hokuseido, 1949-1952.   A landmark study in Four Volumes. 

A Haiku Journey.   
Matsuo Basho's Narrow Road to a Far Province.    Translations by
Dorothy Britton.  Photographs by Dennis Stock.   Kodansha International, Revised edition,
1980.  124 pages.

History of Haiku    By Ryu Yotsuya.  Informative short essays on 10 famous Japanese Haiku poets. 

Introduction to Haiku

The Japanese Haiku Masters   Updated seasonally by Mark A. Bird. 

Matsuo Basho    4K

Matsuo Basho: The Master Haiku Poet.
   By Makoto Ueda.  Tokyo, Kodansha International,
1970.  Reprint edition, 1983. 

Mound of Hanaire

Mountain Water School of Haiku.
  This haiku school is led by David Coomler.  This school
is "rooted in the monumental work of R. H. Blyth, in the classic haiku of Japan, and ultimately in the
Zen/Ch'an and Taoist-based poetry of old Japan and China."  Hokku-Inn is the public forum, a
general posting site for haiku and discussion among intermediate level school members.   Refer
also to Hokku-Way,  a collection of over 260 notes and short essays about writing haiku by
David Coomler. Mountain-Water is for deeper discussion of haiku-related matters among
selected long-time and committed students.  Quiet-Pond is for selected advanced students
who might from time to time prefer student-teacher interaction only. 

Oku no Hosomichi.     Text of Narrow Road to the North in Japanese.

On Love and Barley
.  Haiku of Basho.   Translated by Lucien Stryk.  Ingram Book Company,
1986.  92 pages. 

Narrow Road to the Deep North.   Matsuo Basho.   Translated by Tim Chilcott.

The Narrow Road to the Deep North and Other Travel Sketches.     Translated by
Nobuyuki Yuasa.   1966.  

Narrow Road to the Deep North    Maintained by Stephen Kohl.  A huge website.    Translations by
Dorothy Britton, Cid Corman, Helen Craig McMullough, Earl Miner and others.  

Traces of Dreams: Landscape, Cultural Memory, and the Poetry of Basho.
By Haruo Shirane.   Palo Alto, California, Stanford University Press, 1998. 
294 pages.  Excellent!!

Zen Poetry.  Extensive links and bibliography, a large collection of selected quotes, notes,
special studies, and webpages on noted Zen poetry scholars and translators, e.g., R. H. Blyth,
Lucien Stryk, etc..   310K+    By Mike Garofalo. 

Zen Poetry: Let the Spring Breeze Enter
.   Translated by Lucien Stryk and Takahashi Ikemoto. 
Grove Press, 1995.    124 pages. 

A Zen Wave: Basho's Haiku and Zen.
   By Robert Aitken.  Weatherhill, Inc.,
1979.  192 pages.



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          Yosa Buson  (Saicho)    (1716-1783)



Articles on Buson and Sekkasha Collection.   By Hiroo Saga.   In Japanese; being translated into English.

Buson's Biography    Includes selected haiku by Buson. 

The Essential Haiku:  Versions of Basho, Buson and Issa.
   Edited with verse translations by
Robert Hass.  Hopewell, New Jersey, Ecco Press, 1994.  Bibliography, 329 pages.

Haiku Master Buson.
   By Yuki Sawa and Edith M. Shiffert.  South San Francisco, California,
Heian International, 1978.

History of Haiku: Buson Yosa.   By Ryu Yotsuya. 

Introduction to Haiku

An Introduction to Haiku: An Anthology of Poems and Poets from Basho to Shiki.
By Harold G. Henderson.  Garden City, New York, Doubleday & Co., Inc., 1958.  179 pages. 
A very influential early work, based on his small book on haiku called Bamboo Broom published
in 1933.  The authors selected include: Basho, Buson, Issa, Shiki, and others.   Many of the
translations into three line poems used rhyme and/or assonance.  

Path of the Flowering Thorn: The Life and Poetry of Yosa Buson.
  By Makoto Ueda. 
Stanford, California, Stanford University Press, 1998.   Bibliography, index, indexes to hokku,
appendices, 226 pages. 

Yosa Buson and His Followers: Haiku & Painting   By Hiroo Saga.



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          Ikkyu Sojun    (1394-1481)



Crow With Noh Mouth: Ikkyu -15th Century Zen Master.   Edited by Stephen Berg.  
Copper Canyon Press, 1989.  80 pages. 

Ikkyu and the Crazy Cloud Anthology: A Zen Poet of Medieval Japan
.    Translated by
Sonya Arntzen. 

Ikkyu Sojun: A Zen Monk and His Poetry
.    By Sonja Arntzen.   0914584995

The Penguin Book of Zen Poetry.
   Translated and Edited by Lucien Stryk and Takashi Ikemoto.  
Penguin USA, Reprint 1988.

A Sampler of Zen Poems   Ryokan, Ikkyu, and Basho.  13K

Unraveling Zen's Red Thread: Ikkyu's Controversial Way
.    By Jon Etta Hastings Carter Covell.

Wild Ways: Zen Poems of Ikkyu.
  Edited by John Stevens. Shambhala, 1995.  131 pages.

Zen Masters: A Maverick, a Master of Masters, and a Wandering Poet.   Ikkyu, Hakuin, and
Ryokan.   By John Stevens.   Kodansha International, 1999.  168 pages.

Zen Poetry   310K+



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          (Issa: "Cup of Tea") 
          Yataro Kobayashi  (1763-1827)




About Issa.  Early Years: Step Child to Starling.   Settled Years:  Return to Kashiwabara. 
Restless Years: Issa the Wanderer.  Excellent biograpical information, translations and
commentary by David G. Lanoue.  Issa Websites. 

Autumn Wind Haiku: Selected Poems by Kobayashi Issa. 
By Lewis Mackenzie.  Tokyo,
Kodansha International, 1957, Reissued in 1999.  146 pages.  Information and excerpts..

Cool Melons - Turn to Frogs: The Life and Poems of Issa.
  Edited by Matthew Gollub,
illustrated by Kazuko G. Stone and Keiko Smith.  Lee and Low Books, 1998.   40 pages.  
A children's book.  

The Dumpling Field: Haiku of Issa.
   Translated by Lucien Stryk and Noboru Fujiwara.   
Swallow Press, 1991.   141 pages.

The Essential Haiku:  Versions of Basho, Buson and Issa.
   Edited with verse translations
by Robert Hass.  Hopewell, New Jersey, Ecco Press, 1994.  Bibliography, 329 pages.

Haiku    By R. H. Blyth.   Tokyo, Hokuseido, 1949-1952.   A landmark study in Four Volumes. 

Haiku Classics by the Masters

History of Haiku    By Ryu Yotsuya.  Informative short essays on 10 famous Japanese Haiku poets. 

Haiku of Kobayashi Issa    This website offers a very large (1,400+) sample of Issa's haiku
searchable by keyword and by year of composition.  Very good translations by David Lanoue.  
Excellent biographical information about Issa provided by Mr. Lanoue:  Early Years: Step Child
to Starling.   Settled Years:  Return to Kashiwabara.  Restless Years: Issa the Wanderer.  
The very best English language website on Kobayashi Issa!!

Introduction to Haiku   Emphasis upon Basho, Issa, and Buson. 

Issa  - Haiku Selections

Issa's Biography and Selected Haiku

Issa: Cup-of-Tea Poems; Selected Haiku of Kobayashi Issa
.    Translated by David G. Lanoue. 
Berkeley: Asian Humanities Press, 1991.

Issa's Haiku Homepage    Early version of Issa Homepage. 

Issa Homepage   Prepared by Yoshi Mikami.   Biography + images.  Links. 

Kobayashi Tataro [Issa]

The Sound of Water:  Haiku by Basho, Buson, Issa, and Other Poets
.   Translated by Sam Hamill.
Illustrated by Kaji Aso.    Shambhala Publications, 2000.  152 pages.    Miniature edition.

The Spring of My Life: And Selected Haiku.   By Issa Kobayashi.   Translated by Sam Hamill. 
Illustrated by Kaji Aso.   Shambhala Publications, 1997.   176 pages.

The Study of Issa in Modern Times.  By Yoshi Mikami.   In English and Japanese.  Good links
to Japanese language haiku sites.

That Loveable Old Issa.   By Earle J. Stone.

Zen Poetry   310K+



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          Masaoka Tsunenori Shiki  (1867 - September 19, 1902)


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History of Haiku

Masaoka Shiki   The Discovery of Haiku.

Masaoka Shiki: His Life and Works.
   By Janine Beichman.  Cheng and Tsui, 2002.  
Originally published by Kodansha International in 1986.  Includes 15 photographs and 
some updated bibliography.  Paperback, ISBN:  0887273645.  

Masaoka Shiki: Selected Poems.
   By Masaoka Shiki.    Translated by Burton Watson. 
Columbia University Press, 1998. 136 pages. 

Peony Kana
.  Translation of 360 Masaoka Shiki's haiku by Harold J. Issacson.

Poetry of Shiki

Shiki's Autumn Poems

Shiki and Ishite-ji  "Shiki wrote about eighteen thousand haiku. The years 1894, 1895, and 1896
were a period of vigorous activity: in 1894 he wrote 2366 haiku, in 1895, 2843 haiku, and in
1896, 3001 haiku."  By Kametaro. 

Shiku - Books

Shiki Haiku   Extensive collection of Shiki's haiku arranged by the seasons. 

The Shiki Internet Haiku Salon

Shiki Masaoka   Life, paintings, images,

Shiki Masaoka.  History of Haiku by Ryu Yotsuya.  In English, Japanese and French. 

Shiki Masaoka Haiku Awards Project

Shiki Mailing Lists

Shiki Notes (J144)   Chronology of Shiki's life.

Shiki's Ten Letters of 1898.  Lecture by Donald Keene.

Shiki-temp: A temporary Shiki mailing list.  2001-

Shiki - The Discovery of Haiku  Six extensive lectures about Shiki by  Professor Shigeki Wada.

Songs from a Bamboo Village: Selected Tanka from Takenosato Uta
.    By Shiki Masaoka. 
Translated by Sanford Goldstein and Seishi Shinoda.    Charles E. Tuttle & Company,
1998.  424 pages. 



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