A Note on the Non-maintenance of 
Webpages at the Haiku Poetry Website:

Michael P. Garofalo


The last time the webpage from which you were referred was weeded or updated
was back in January, 2003.  

Since January, 2003, I have NOT updated, corrected,
edited, weeded, or maintained any of the many links,
bibliographic citations, resources, or information on 
any of the many web pages at the Haiku Poetry website.        

If anyone wants to take over the maintenance of a specific webpage at this
website (by actively adding links or bibliographic references, and weeding 
expired links) they are welcome to do so; and, if they do so, they can take 
full credit for the webpage.  I will continue to offer to host this webpage 
for free on one of my web servers.  I continue to post these web pages
for historical purposes only. 

Currently, my main interests in web publishing with Green Way Research  
are in the areas of fitness and well being, gardening, walking, t'ai chi ch'uan
, meditation, and qigong.  My blogs give you a sense of my current

Green Way Blog

Cloud Hands: Mind-Body Arts

Valley Spirit Journal

I occasionally add my own poems to Cuttings and Above the Fog, and share 
my current notes and poems at the Valley Spirit Journal.    


Best wishes, 

Michael P. Garofalo

September 2006




The Spirit of Gardening

Quotes, Sayings, Proverbs, Poetry, Maxims, Quips, Clichés, Adages, Wisdom
A Collection Growing to Over 2,700 Quotes, Arranged by 130 Topics
Many of the Documents Include Recommended Readings and Internet Links.
Compiled by Michael P. Garofalo


Fitness and Well Being

Walking, Gardening, T'ai Chi Ch'uan, Qigong, Yoga, Meditation, Strength Training, Exercise, Senior Fitness.







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