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Links, Links and More Links to Haiku and Short Poetry on the Net

Guides, Directories, Link Lists



Author Index to Haiku Poems on the Internet.   Links to over 120 haiku poets, scholars, editors,
and webmasters.  Updated monthly.   Open Directory - edpick.gif (310 bytes)

Biographies of Haiku Poets   
An excellent collection of informative biographies about noted
haiku poets, critics, and editors.  The short biographies include links to e-mail addresses and
websites of the featured persons.  The biographical webpages at this website are unique and
very useful - the best document of its kind on the Internet!!!   Presented by
Elizabeth St. Jacques as part of her fine website
Poetry in the Light. 

Concrete Poetry:  Links, Bibliography and Some Poems.   75K.   Compiled by Michael P. Garofalo.

The Cyberpond
.   By A.C. Missias.  An irregular column in issues of the
Frogpond haiku magazine of HSA.  Excellent and substantive reviews of the Internet
haiku scene by a highly qualified reviewer.   

Directories of Haiku Publications: book publishers, journals, magazines, zines, small
presses, chapbooks.  

Dogwood Blossoms    A good database of haiku publishers.

Gunpowder River Poetry   Links organized by 8 categories.   Indexed by Denis Garrison.  30K.

the | (hiho) project   This "project aims to be a premiere clearing house for 
haikai (haiku, haiga, haibun, renku, senryu, etc) information on the web."   Based on "Haiku Resources"
by Mark Brooks.   Began in March 2002 by haijinx.   33K.  

Haiku in Western Languages, Terebess Asia Online     Links, 21K

Haiku Poetry:  Links, References and Guides    A very comprehensive collection of links
compiled by Mike Garofalo.  This website provides both title and author indexing of Internet
resources, some topical arrangements of the links, short descriptions of website offerings,
and pointers to relevant book titles.  Updated monthly.  330K+.  
E-mail info to Mike Garofalo

Haiku Links from Windfall Haiku    Some interesting small and marginal haiku sites
were listed.   Undated.

Haiku Resources.   Indexed By Mark Brooks.  A wide range of links, in title order, listed
under 14 categories.  Mark has also provided us with a very good Haiku Mailing List FAQ
His website also includes references to haiku books.  Updated on a monthly basis. 
No comments on links.  Mark is involved with many Internet projects, and this webpage
reflects his knowledge and good contacts.    See hiho project.

Haiku, Senryu, Tanka.   Compiled by Bob Holman and Margery Snyder. contemporary
poetry guide.  Short annotations.  Arranged by title.  

Haiku Society of America - Links.    Selected links.   Just beginning in the Spring of 2001.   

Haiku Talk Links.    Indexed by Gerald England.  Very good links to book reviews, magazine
reviews, and articles.  There is a great deal of useful, unique, and detailed information provided
at this website, which is an extension of New Hope International Publications.  Short comments
about the websites.  Title arrangement within five categories.   100K+. 

The Heron's Nest Links.    Selected links arranged by 7 categories.  No comments on the links.  

The Japanese Haiku Masters.   Links, References, and Resources.  Updated Monthly.  30K+.  

Japanese Literature Webring Links   By Warren Tang.  Dated: 7Jun99.  Arranged by author's
names.   Ring List.

Japanese Women's Poetry: Sources and Bibliography   A good bibliography, resources, and links.   
Leads to the outstanding website Women's Early Music, Art and Poetry.

Links to Haiku Sites.   Indexed by Mark Alan Osterhaus.   A title arrangement of selected links
under eight categories.  Few comments about the links.  This haiku links webpage was one of the
first on the Net, and is linked to by most webmasters because of the quality of the links.  

Open Directory Haiku Poetry Links.  Links selected by William J. Higginson, aka "wordfield,"
renowned haiku author and scholar.  Provides indexing of links by categories: general haiku,
personal haiku pages, linked forms, Sijo, Tanka, and psuedo haiku.  Updated on an irregular
basis. Brief comments about each link.  The live Open Directory Index is periodically
added to Internet database search engines such as AOL, Hot Bot, Lycos, Google and others.

Paper Lanterns    Debra Woolard Bender

Poetry in the Light: Links to Please.  Haiku, Tanka, Renga, Sijo.  23K.  Undated.  A random list of
selected links.  Many of the links include informative annotations.  Compiled by Elizabeth St Jacques. 

Sangeet's Haiku and Poetry Corner  Selected links organized into 11 categories. 
Dated: 3Dec00.

Soji's Haiku Links   Basic links.  Random list of links.  Undated.   

Teaching Haiku Poetry: Links, References, and Resources.   Organized by title under
school grade level categories, from 1st grade through college.  Updated
monthly.  67K+.  Compiled by Mike Garofalo.  

Title Index to Haiku Poetry Websites   114K.

Zen Poetry.  Extensive links and bibliography, a large collection of selected quotes, notes,
special studies, and webpages on noted Zen poetry scholars and translators, e.g., R. H. Blyth,
Lucien Stryk, etc..   390K+   By Mike Garofalo.   Modified weekly. 

World Haiku Association    Links, News, Poems, Contacts.  

World Haiku Club Links  

WHC Members Personal Poetry Websites    Alphabetical list of WHC members.   





Haiku Publications
Journals, Magazines, Print and On-Line Publications,

Serials, Small Presses, Zines



Featured Haiku Magazines   By Randy and Shirley Brooks.  Includes informative reviews of some
of these magazines. 

Haiku Poetry: Guides and Links

Haiku Magazine Subscription Information   Excellent haiku magazine database offered here. 

Haiku Magazines, Journals and Publications.  Bibliography by Michael Dylan Welch.  

Haiku Publications List.
   Published by the HSA in July 1998.  9 pages. 

Haiku Publications Survey.   Summary by Charles Turnbull of a survey conducted in March of 2001.
93 persons provided valuable feedback on 39 haiku publications.    

Haiku World Magazine Database   By Gary Warner.  

Magazines Publishing Haiku, Senryu, Tanka, Renga, Haibun, Sijo and Sedoka. 
Complied by Pamelyn Casto and Mandy Smith.  28K.


Haiku Poetry: Links, References and Guides



A Note on the Maintenance of this Poetry Web Page




Haiku Books

Recommended Reading, Haiku Bibliographies, Best Reads



Haikai Books - Overview.   By Mark Brooks.   A large collecton of
book titles are mentioned.   60K+. links for titles.     

A Haiku Bibliography.   Compiled by Scott Coon and Tom Hatman.  The Nick Virgilio Poetry Project.  28K.  

Haiku Books: A Bibliography of Books in the Decatur Haiku Collection.   Compiled by Randy Brooks.  

Haiku Habitat Book Reviews by Tom Brink    35K+

Haiku Poetry: Links, Bibliography, Guides.   Updated weekly.  By Michael P. Garofalo. 
Bibliography and links.  330K+. links for book titles. 

List of Haiku Books.   By Edmund Shaheen.  February 1997.  11K+

Recommended Books on Haiku.  By Michael Dylan Welch.   February 1996.  9K+

Sensei Salon - Teaching Tools.  Extensive haiku bibliography by Kristen Deming.   Excellent!!  150K+.

Zen Poetry.  Extensive links and bibliography, a large collection of selected quotes, notes,
special studies, and webpages on noted Zen poetry scholars and translators, e.g., R. H. Blyth,
Lucien Stryk, etc..   390K+   By Michael P. Garofalo. 







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