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This Net guide presents a variety of websites with quotes, quips, poetry, proverbs, sayings, humor, essays, commentary, ideas, reflections, dictionaries, glossaries, and related written materials on gardening, horticulture, landscapes and natural history.
It also tries to locate collections of photographs of plants. It points to many mass media gardening topics.
It includes a very good selection of gardening magazines. 

There are thousands of websites and scores of databases on the Net that provide information and ideas about gardens
and gardening, small farming, plants, soils, animals in the garden, weather zones, trees, shrubs, flowers, landscape
design, garden art, organic gardening, arts and crafts, parks, ecophilosophy, conservation, forests, ecology, and
many related subjects; and this Net guide includes a few of the key websites on these topics. 

New sites to add?  Suggestions?


Compiled by Michael P. Garofalo




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Allotmenent and Garden Guides.  Ministry of Agriculture, United Kingdon.  8 Pamphlets. 1945

Amazon Books - Gardening

Botany and Plant Science Books

Brooklyn Botanical Garden Green Pages

Chelsea Green Publishing Company

Classics and Collections   

Earthly Pursuits - Old Books Online  

The Evolution of Horticulture in New England.  By Daniel Denison Slade.  1895

Farmers of Forty Centuries:  Permanent Agriculture in China, Korea and Japan.    F. H. King.  1919

The Flowers Personified.   JJ Grandville.   1847.  

Garden History and Design

Gardening by the Book Reviews

Growing Literature Connections

Handi Links:  Books - Gardening

Herbs and Herb Gardening:  An Annotated Bibliography and Resource Guide.   By Suzanne DeMuth.  Excellent!

History of Gardening Timeline.    Includes references to many books and links to history of gardening sites.

Home Arts:  Gardener's Library

Horizon Books

Internet Directory for Botany:   Journals, Books, Literature Databases, Publishers

Missouri Botanical Gardens:   Online Books and Publications

The Growing Season   By Joyce Schillen

The Origin of the Species.   By Charles Darwin

Neil Sperry  Author, radio show host, and a fine Texas gardener.



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The Angelgrove Tree Seed Company   Quality seeds for flowering trees, shade and Japanese trees as well as
seeds for hardy shrub roses.

Cyndi's Catalog of Garden Catalogs    Prepared by Cyndi Johnson.   Over 1900 Catalogs as 5/2001.   
Systematically updated.    




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The Electric Library Database



Garden Guides

Home Arts:  Gardener's Library

Japanese Garden Database

Landscape Architecture Virtual Library


New Plant Page     A New Ornamentals Society Resource.  A pointer to electronic resources. 

Modern Herbal by Mrs. M. Grieve    Botanical.Com  800 varieties of herbs and plants.

Search the Web for Plant Info

Time-Life Searchable Garden Encyclopedia

Total News

Hort SoftThe Ultimate Garden Tool by Mary Bolock.

USDA Plant Database

The Virtual Garden  A very useful and well organized site. 

Web Garden



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Dictionaries and Glossaries



The Garden Gate Glossary

Glossary of Botanical Terms (Garden Web)

Glossary of Roots of Botanical Names  (Garden Gate)

Horticultural Directory of the National Gardening Association

Sierra Home Plant Encyclopedia

Time-Life Gardening Encyclopedia

Locate your USDA Zone.



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Indexes, Guides, More Links, Web Guides

Ag Links

Agriculture Index by Yahoo

Award Winning Garden Links

Directory of Gardening and Agricultural Mailing Lists   An excellent and extensive directory!!

Ethics - Environment and Nature - Yahoo Links

The Best Garden Pages on GeoCities

Catalogs for Free!!    Visit FreeShop.

Earth Healers

Factsheet Database

Farmer's Guide to the Internet


Garden Digest Links    Stronger on links to poetry, quotes, essays, magazines and newspapers, humor, and literary aspects of gardens and gardening. 

Garden Gate     "The Garden Gate offers gardeners and nature lovers a carefully-selected and well-organized collection of links to informative and interesting horticulture sites around the world. So if you enjoy plants, either in the garden or in nature, stop on by, the gate is open!"

GardenInfo Links

Garden Links

Gardenscape  An extensive collection of links. 

The Garden Spider's Web

The Garden Spot - Great Garden Links


Garden Literature on the Net    Stronger on links to poetry, quotes, essays, magazines and newspapers, humor, and literary aspects of gardens and gardening

Garden Webrings

Gardening Delight

Gardening Jokes and Humor

The Gardening Launch Pad  2669+ Links.  A huge harvest of Net gardening sites.  Well organized by 58 categories.   Definitely worth a bookmark!! 

Gardening Links - The WWW Virtual Library - Garden Web

Gardening Website Directory

Gardens Galore  Huge list of annotated links and information on many non-Net nurseries. 

Garden Tools: Quotes, Links, References

GeoCities Garden Page Award Winners

Gothic Gardening  Something Wicked This Way Grows.  mAlice's gardening notes are Wonderful!! 

Haiku Poetry:  Links, References, Resources, Publications

Handi Links: Gardening, Landscaping

Home Garden Design by Garden Tree

Internet Directory for Botany

Internet Directory for Botany:   All Links

Internet Directory for Botany: Arbortea and Botanical Gardens On-line

Japanese Garden Database

Jim's Good Ag Links

John's Rainbow Garden

Lee's On the Brink Gardening Links    A very useful collection of annotated links. 

Mining Company Garden Guide    Deborah Simpson, Gardening Guide

MyThing Links.  An Annotated & Illustrated Collection of Worldwide Links to Mythologies, Fairy Tales & Folklore,
Sacred Arts & Traditions.   By Kathleen Jenks.  

Neighborhood's Gardening Launch Pad

Perennials  -   Websites

Rainie's Links   Art and Home Improvement Links

Small Farms Resources

Southern Gardening Links

Spirit of Gardening.   Over 2,000 quotes, poems, and sayings about gardening.

Web Garden   Ohio State University

Where I'ts At:  An Agricultural and Gardening Index

The Tree Guide:  The Natural History of Trees    Facts on 800 kinds of trees, tree care, news, science, links.

The Trellis

A Very Small Eden:   Collection of Links  A very nice collection of informative sites. 

Virtual Reference: Gardening

Yahoo's Gardening Index

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Columns, Articles


Daybooks and Memoirs of Carl H. Klaus

Dulcy Mahar's Gardening Articles from the Oregonian Newspaper

Ralph Waldo Emerson

From the Ground Up:  Gardening    Essays, Poems, Book Reviews, Links.

Gardening With Soul
is both the collection of the articles written by Teresa Watkins as
well as her personal philosophy regarding gardening and landscaping

Gardens + Gardening

Gardening and Spirituality

Gertrude Jekyll - Roses for English Gardens, 1902, On-line Text

Haiku Poetry:  Links, References, Resources, Publications

The Philosophy and Art of Gardening

On the Interpretation of Garden Observations

The Red Bluff Noteboooks     Zone 9.   Red Bluff, California. 

Henry David Thoreau Resources

Tenemos - The Sanctuary of Imagination

Upon the Gardens of Epicurus; or, Of Gardening.  By Sir William Temple, 1685. 

The Vine    Articles by Carla Allen for Nova Scotia newspapers. 

The Wise Farmer    By Stanley Wise, Jr., Alcorn County Agent, Mississippi



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Murder Mysteries in the Garden


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Discussion Groups, Round Tables, Newsgroups, Mail Lists



CyberPages Gardening

Dave's Garden

Directory of Gardening and Agricultural Mailing Lists   An excellent and extensive directory!!

The Garden Party.    Courtesy of Garden Web.

Garden Town

Garden Web Forums

HomeArts:  Bloom

Newsgroups for Gardeners

That Home Site


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Gardens to Visit



Claude Monet's Garden at Giverny

Cortesia Sanctuary and Center  

Information on UK Gardens

The WWW Virtual Library: Museums  




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Annual Calendars - Home and Garden

Adventures in Gardening with the Garden Guy:   David Soper

The Armchair Gardener

City Farmer - Urban Agriculture

Cooking.Com    Extensive selection of quality cooking products. 

The Cyberspace Garden

Dave's Garden

Digitalseed: A Southern California Gardening Resource

Dr. Green Fingers

Don't Panic Eat Organic

Easy Gardening


The Electric Library   Your Source for Current Information. 

Factsheet Database

The Faery Garden

Flowers and Gardens

Garden.Com: Information, Advice, Products

The Garden Corner

Garden Digest

Gardener's Paradise:   A Gardening Extravaganza   Tips, calendars, quotes, ideas, links, information ... Fascinating!

Garden Guides


The Garden Spot:  A Growing Website

The Garden Web

The Garden Zone at Shelly's Place   A fine selection of quotes and quips, seed swapping, and links.



Gardening For Kids    Take a look at the Lake Java applet - stunning!

Gardening Information from Oregon State University

The Gardening Sutra: Pulling Onions .   By Michael P. Garofalo.  115kb+. 

Gardens Galore

Gothic Gardening


Green Thumb Corner    Horn's Home and Garden, North Carolina

Guia Verde   Spanish

Home and Garden Television

Home Garden Design by Garden Tree

Hort FYI

Landscape Architecture Virtual Library

Martha Stewart Living

Mining Company Garden Guide    Deborah Simpson, Gardening Guide

National Gardening Association

Organic Cybergarden

Organic Gardening

Organic Gardening and Farming

Palen Plant Page

Rebecca's Garden

Southern Gardening

Tatiacha's Spirit Nexus

  An outstanding web site.  It is well organized and provides information, news, forums, 
a bibliography,  volunteer opportunities, articles, tree guides, job listings, and over 1,800 links.  
"This site was created  to provide information, research, and networking for people working in 
urban and community forestry.  For the researcher, the arborist, the community group leader, 
the volunteer-our purpose is to inform,  educate, and inspire."  Presented by Pepper Provenzano.

Virtual Garden

Web Garden:  Horticulature and Crop Science in Virtual Perspective  Ohio State University


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Photographs, Clipart, Drawings,

Illustrations, Artwork

Audubon Watercolors of North American Birds

Backgrounds and Bars by Cynthia    

California Plants and Habitats.   By CalPhotos, UC Berkeley.  Over 16,000 images of California Plants.    


Blue Planet Flower Graphics  

Bobbie's Bloomers Backgrounds

Chez Marco's Plant Pictures

The Dabble Diner GIF Shop

Debbie's Garden of Graphics   A nice collection of free graphics, borders, dividers, etc.   Thanks Debbie!!

Electronic Herbarium   This site contains samples of scientific, botanical illustrations of wildflowers from the Pacific Northwest.

Environmental Clip Art.  Provided by Patricia A. Michaels.  Some nice animated .gifs, borders, and artwork. 

Flora of China

Flora of Europe   

Floral Clipart Index

Floral Radiographs: The Secret Garden   Albert Richards, University of Michigan Professor Emeritus, has been creating floral
radiographs for over 40 years.  

The Flower Pages

Flowers     Pat's Web Graphics

Flowerbase  6,000 images.  

Foto Search Image Library

Free Clip Art - Gardening - From the Mining Company   

Gardening Graphics Collection Film Strip  

Gardening Graphics Links

Garden Helper Graphics

Julie's Homegrown Graphics -  Photo-graphics of plants, critters, and scenes.

Internet Directory for Botany Images    Excellent index to sites with botanical images!!   Provided by the Botanical 
Museum of the Finnish Museum of Natural History. 

Latin American Plant Gallery

Medicinal Plant Images

National Plant Photographic Index - Australia

Nature's Best Masked Flower Images  Garden images for photo landscape design programs; plant encyclopedia.

Painted from Nature

Redoute's Roses

Smithsonian Catalog of Botanical Illustrations

Texas Agricultural Extension Clip Art Collection   

2 Kill a Mouse Graphics

Vascular Plant Image Library

Virtual Foliage Homepage

The Visual Garden

Web Garden   Ohio State University  3,400 images

WiseAcre Gardens

A World Community of Old Trees    An Eco-Art Project in Progress by June Julian.  Nice collections of artwork.



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The American Horticultural Therapy Association

The City Farmer:   Horticultural Therapy

The Enabling Garden

Garden Theraphy Mail List

Growing Healthy

Health, Gardening and Cooking Magazines.   Save from 20% to 60%.

Human Issues in Horticulture

Susan Tomlin's Gardening for Disabled Persons

Vegetarian Resource Group




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Humor, Jokes, Puns, Riddles





Artisan Tranquil Living Links

Biodynamic and Organic Gardening Resource Site

Bonsai Web

Botany - Brian Ness

Center for Urban Horticulture - University of Washington

Community Composting Network

Delphi Gardening Forum

The Dirt Gardener's Gardening Journal   By Buzz Bertolero.  San Francisco. 

Ecology Hall of Fame

The Electric Library has the Information You Need!

The Environment.  With Patricia Michaels.  Good information, news, and lots of links. 

Free Catalogs!!

Garden California   A very nice monthly chores guide for California gardeners. 

The Garden Helper

Gardening Fact Sheets

Garden.Com: Infomation and Advice

Garden Mart

Garden Town FAQ

The Garden Village


Garden Vivaio    (Italian)

Go For Green   Many informative articles. 

Japanese Garden Database

Maureen Gilmer's Landscape Garden Forum   Noted author on California Gardening.  Website has outstanding notes on western gardening catalogs and nurseries.  "Maureen Gilmer is California's most widely published landscaping author and the nation's foremost writer concerning serious issues facing today's homeowner and gardener."

Half-Barrel Pond Page   Useful information for simple water gardens. 

I Can Garden

Index to Weedy Verbiage

A Land Ethic

Landscaping - Mary Anne Lynch

Martha Stewart Living

Mediterranean Climate Gardening   Heidi Gildemesiter

My Gardening Resources

Natural Land

The Ohio State and Virginia Tech Plant Dictionary

Organic Gardening from Down Under  (David and and Kay Heaton)

Plant Finder

Plant Information Online    University of Minnesota,  Anderson Horticultural Library

Organic Web Ring

Perry's Perennial Page   

Purdue University (Indiana) Extension Garden Tips

Something Wicked This Way Grows:   Gothic Gardening  mAlice's gardening notes are Wonderful!! 

Sprinkler's That Fertilize   Information, products, links, tips and tricks. 

TRFN  - Gardening

The Ultimate Gardening Tool

The Virtual Garden

Web Garden   Ohio State University

Weekend Garderner

The Wise Gardener:   Tropical and sub-tropical gardening information.  Stong on palms and cactus.  

Yglecia's Gardening Tips from a Master Gardener in Arizona




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Journals and Diaries


Cuttings.   By Michael P. Garofalo.

Dave's Garden

Diary of a Mad Gardener    By David Hobson

The Gardener's Log

Lindley Karstens' Garden Diaries

My Garden Notebook  A writing tool.

The Red Bluff Notebooks.   Zone 9.   Red Bluff, California.

A Small Irish Garden    Elizabeth Law's garden in Dublin, Ireland.  Zone 8.  Tips, diary, links, cats, ideas.

Paul Stanbridge's Farm in England  

Tina's Garden   Links, diary, articles, poetry, pets, faeries. 


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Florida Yards and Neighborhoods - Gardening - Garden Goodies

Flowers of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Glossary of Roots of Botanical Names  (Garden Gate)

Museum of Garden History

Mystical World Wide Web:   Plants, Flowers, Vegetables, Fruits, and Herbs

The Search for the Green Man     By Mike Harding. 

Weather Lore

Weather Lore from the Weekend Gardener

Who is the Green Man


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Journals, Newsletters, E-Zines

Agriculture and Human Values Journal

Agriculture Online

Agriculture Research

The Amateur's Digest:  Cactus, Succulents

The American Naturalist Journal

American Rose Magazine of ARS

Better Homes and Gardens

BioCycle Magazine


Electronic Sites of Leading Botany, Plant Science and Science Journals

Canadian Gardening

County Journal Magazine

County Lifestyle, Home, Handiman, and Gardening Magazines.   Save from 20% to 60%.

Country Living Gardener

Countryside Magazine and Small Stock Journal


Dig Magazine

East Coast Gardener   For the Canadian Atlantic Provinces.

Earth First!

Farm Journal Today

Fine Gardening

Flower News

From the Ground Up:  Gardening    Essays, Poems, Book Reviews, Links.

Funnies:  Comics for Gardeners

Garden Digest

Garden Escape

Garden Gate Magazine

Garden Living

Garden Literature Index

The Garden Magazine.    An on-line magazine for gardeners of all ages and abilities.  Along with articles and information,
they also aim to provide a forum for gardeners to share their achievements, ideas and experiences.

Garden Magazine Index  from the News Directory

Garden Magazine of the Month Club

Gardening News and Magazines Index

Gardening, Home, Handiman, and Cooking Magazines.   Save from 20% to 60%.

Gardening On-Line

Garden Sampler

Greenhouse Business

Green Prints

Horticulture Magazine Online


Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society, The Garden

Journal of Japanese Gardening


Kitchen Garden

Landscape Ecology

Lawn and Landscape

List of Gardening Magazines

Living Home

Mediterranean Garden Society Journal

Mother Earth News

National Council of State Garden Clubs Magazine: National Gardener

National Gardening Magazine

New Jardin

The New Plantsman (Royal Horticultural Society)

Northern Gardening    Useful articles, links to relevant sites, FAQs for gardeners in northern climates.

Old Farmer's Almanac

The Orchid Review (Royal Horticultural Society)

Organic Gardening Magazine    Rodale Press

People, Places and Plants Magazine     Maine

The Practical Gardener Newsletter

Prairie Reader

The Professional Gardener's Guild

Progressive Farmer

Recycling World Magazine

Rural Heritage

Small Farms Newsletter - University of California at Davis

Southern Living

Studies in the History of Gardens & Designed Landscapes, formerly the Journal of Garden History

Successful Farming


Super Floral Magazine

Tropical Fruit News Magazine

Traditional Gardening    Restoration and preservation of classic gardens.

Veggie Life Magazine

Vegetarian, Cooking and Health Magazines.   Save from 20% to 60%.

Virtual Garden

The Virtual Gardener

Water Gardening

Weekend Gardener

Worm Digest

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Mass Media

Television  ...  Radio   ...  Videos  ...  Newspapers  ...   Magazines


A. C. Burke and Company.    Gardening Videos.

Better Homes and Gardens Television

Gardening Videos

Gardens of the World.    Video Series.    Narrated by Audrey Hepburn. 

Penelope Hobhouse:  The Art and Practice of Gardening.    Video Series.    4 hours. 

Hillsborough House Gardening Videos

Home and Garden Television Online    

    Breaking Ground.    Frances "Sisso" Doyle and John Knox
    The Designer's Landscape.    Gary Allen
    Gardening by the Yard.    Paul James. 
    The Gardener's Journal.    Kathy Renwald.
    Grow It.    Jeff Cox.  
    Rebecca's Garden.   Rebecca Kolls. 

Howard Garrett Radio   The Dirt Doctor

The Private Life of Plants, with David Attenborough.     Video Series.  5 hours.

Rebecca's Garden     Rebecca Kolls. 

Martha Stewart Living

TV Gardening Programs

The Victory Garden.     Hosted by Roger Swain.   23 Seasons on PBS - TV.    Mr. Swain is the author of numerous
books and the science editor for Horticulture Magazine.


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Personal Pages

Alysue's Garden Medley

Black Thumb Bob's Gardening Tips and Humor

Tom Clothier's Garden Walk and Talk

Come Into My Toolshed   (Tom H. Robb, Texas Master Gardener)

The Garden House Webring       Wander About in Over 435 websites: love, romance, gentleness, healing, family. 

Garden Notebook of Duane Reading

Garden of Weeden   Pacific Northwest

Garden Pages  From Medford, Oregon:  short articles, links, photos. 

Gardening as An Anarchist Plot

Lee's Garden Resources.    Gardens, canning, sheep, chickens, hoemsteading on 8 acres, and a nice family.  

LuLu's Home and Garden

My Adirondack Gardens

The Nature of Our Garden    A delightful and very entertaining tour of a backyard garden in Hollister, California.

Northern Pond    Gardens tour, journals, art gallery, and lots of links.  Excellent!  

Orbweaver's Garden

The Spirit of Gardening

Time Began in A Garden


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Elaine's Page    Poetry for the holidays, seasons, and special occasions.

Faery Land

Haiku and Zen Poetry:  Links, Bibliography, Guides and Studies

Lacie's Poetry Garden

Pandora's Faerie Realm

Poetry Daily

The Poetry Garden

Quotes for Gardeners    An extensive collection of quotes on a variety of themes of interest to gardeners.

Taoism and Poetry

Zen Poetry

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Products and Services

A Link Exchange Section for Businesses

Write to Mike



Arborsmith Studios   Arborsculpture, living garden art.  

Avant Gardening - Growing Creatively

Australian Nurseries Online Index
   Information about products and services grouped by 14 categories.  
Organized by eplants: Syndey's Online Nursery. 

Central Florida Yards and Neighborhoods

Garden Art Man - Rusty Metal Garden Art

Home and Garden Zone  Free projects, fun, and products.  

Just Binoculars
   Offering name brand binoculars, spotting scopes and rangefinders for all uses including hunting, boating, horse racing, traveling, vacationing, trips to Alaska and birding along with an extensive buying guide to help make shopping easy.

The Lawnmower Shop: The Best Online Source for Lawn and Garden Equipment, Tillers, Wood Chippers, 
Grass Trimmers, and More!   Free Shipping to 48 States.  

My Shade Garden    By Rebecca Green.

Nicky's Nursery
  -   Hanging Baskets, seeds, patio plants, cards, container gardening. 

3D Garden Composer

Garden.Com: Information and Products

Rittenhouse Garden Tools, Sprayers, Landscape Equipment and Parts



Proverbs, Epigrams, Comments, Quips, Cliches


The Spirit of Gardening website has provided quotations, poems, sayings,
epigrams, and quips for gardeners, farmers, and Lovers of the Green Way
since January 1, 1999.  It is the largest website of its kind, and it has been
available free on the World Wide Web the longest.  The website has served
up over 4 million webpages to readers around the world - without banners,
ads, or commercial messages.  Gardeners, readers, writers, and webmasters
have used these quotes and ideas about gardening for inspiration, reflection,
and pleasure.  Numerous websites have used many of these quotes in new
and creative ways to encourage others to follow the Green Way.  Finally,
I have tried to make my own contributions to the literature in my
Pulling Onions and Cuttings.




askSam's Quotes On Line    A huge collection of quotes arranged by 558 Topics.  
Developed by Keith D. Mohler.  

Aspirennies by Katharena Eiermann


Bartlett's Familiar Quotations

Betsy's Garden Poems and Quotations

Bible Quotes About Respect for Creation

Big List of Cliches


Can Teach:  Songs and Poems

The Book of Cliches

Chinese Proverbs

Christy's Garden

Cliches from the Garden   

Cool Quotes   By Jim Harget.  

The Computational Beauty of Nature

Creative Quotations    Creativity: foraging, reflecting, adopting, nuturing, and knuckling down.   
Quotes arranged by the birthdays of the authors. 

Cuttings     Haiku and Zen poetry by Michael P. Garofalo.  


Daily Quote about Gardening   A nice way to get daily quotes in your mailbox or a service at your website.


Ecology Quotes   A short selection of quotes and numerous links about renewable energy.

Eco- Quotes   Eco-Mall is a full featured website.. It has a collection of short quotes on conservation. 

Elaine's Page    Poems, quotes, and stories arranged by holidays. 

Emily Compost Quotes

Encouraging, Motivitating and Inspiring Quotations and Excerpts

English-Romanian Dictionary of Proverbs

Ralph Waldo Emerson Quotes


Encouraging Quotes and Excerpts


Favorite Gardening Quotes   

Favorite Gardening Quotations   By Hilda M. Morrill, Boston Gardens.

Felicitous Quotations Collected by Terry Morse

Food For Thought


Garden Digest

Garden Greeting Cards

Garden Humor    The Mad Gardener:  David Hobson.  T-Shirt slogans, contest entries .... and much more.

Garden Quotes    An extensive collection of quotes on a variety of themes of interest to gardeners.

Garden Quotes    Scores of one line quotes and quips.  Delightful. 

Garden Sayings - All Craft Gardens

Garden Sayings.  Compiled by Barbara M. Martin.

Gardening Quotations - Think Quest  It was my pleasure to help and encourage the European
students that worked on this Think Quest Gardening Project. 

Gardening Quotes: A Gardener's Paradise

Gardening Quotes Archive

The Garden Spot:  A Growing Website

The Garden Zone at Shelly's Place     A fine selection of quotes and quips, seed swapping, and links.

Gardening Cliches

Garden Design - PPR Garden Quotes  

Gardening Poems and Verse  

Gardening Poems Index - The Gay Gardener

Gardening Quotations

Gardening Quotes

Gardening Quotes and Proverbs

Garlic Quotations

Gay Gardener     Quotes, poems, history, forum, information, graphics.  24 wepages of quotations.

Great Quotes


Haiku and Zen Poetry

Happiness     Scores of definitons of 'happiness'.


Instant Wisdom   Links to lots of quotation pages. 

International Vegetarian Union Quotations


Kathi's Garden   Inspirational themes, quotes, recipes. 


Land of Quotes  An extensive collection with database query access. 

LitQuotes: Hundreds of Literary Quotes, Quotations from Literature 

Little Sayings
   Over 2,500 sayings organized by 158 categories.  Complied by Deanie. 

Love Quotes:
  Love, Passion, Romance, Desire ....


The Maxims of Gardening   By Mike Garofalo.  

Meanings and Origins of Phrases - The Phrase Finder

Months - Quotes, Poems, Links, Lore and Garden Chores

Murphy's Laws  ...   and many other humorous corollaries and Interdisciplinary Laws

My Favorite Quotes

Nature and Ecology Quotes

NatureNode: Nature Quotes

Nature Poems

Nature Quotes

Nature Quotes


One Liners and Proverbs   A large collection with a Christian emphasis. 

The Other Pages    Maintained by Steve Spanoudis.  Quotes, poetry, graphics, travel. 


Parks and Gardens: The Never Ending Quest for Beauty and Harmony   A Think Quest Student Project.

The Philosophy Garden: Epicurus and Lucretius

Plants - Children's Songs and Poems

De Proverbio - Electronic Journal

PPR Gardens   (Pleasant Park Road Gardens) 

Proverbs from the Ancient Egyptian Temples

Pulling Onions.   By Mike Garofalo.


Quotable Quotes   All quotes about gardening. 

Quotation Archive by Topic   By Jeff Shepherd.  A huge ascii.txt collection of quotes.   

The Quotation Guide

Quotation Links

Quotation Location


Quotations about Forests

Quotations about Plants

Quotations - Compiled by Roy Gallagher  

Quotations for Backyard Naturalists

Quotes for Quick Inspiration  

Quotations: Nature, Seasons, Beauty

Quotations on Environment and Nature   

Quotations on Plants

The Quotations Page

Quotations - The Ability Project

Quotation Resources

The Quote Garden    Many of the gardening quotations on this very large website are acknowledged to have been
found first at the Spirit of Gardening website.  The Quote Garden has a very wide scope and is well worth a visit.

Quotes about Life, the Universe, and Everything.

The Quotes and Sayings Database

Quote Search


Quotes for Gardeners    The largest collection of quotes on a variety of themes of interest to gardeners.

Quotes Through the Ages, Quotes for the Surfer, Eastern Philosophy


Rainbow Garden - Inspirational Stories

Redwood Gardener:   Quotes


Search for English Proverbs and Sayings

Shelly's Garden Quips and Quotes    An extensive multi-page collection of short quotes, sayings, quips, slogans.

Shmern.Com Garden Quotes

A Short Dictionary of Scientific Quotations

The Spirit of Gardening    Over 2,000 quotations for lovers of the Green Way.

Steve's Cliche List

Surf Point Index to Sources for Quotations


Thought For Today Collection Archive

Turning Earth:   From a Small Yorkshire Garden   A beautiful website.


Wisdom and Lore

Wisdom Quotes

Women's Quotations: Gardening   

Word Origins - Ask About the Origins and Meaning of Words at the Word Wizard

World Wide Wisdom   Professor Singer's collection of quotes.   A very good selection proverbs
from Africa and musings on education. 




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Armchair Gardener

Bookworm:   County Living Gardener

From the Ground Up.    Book Reviews by Amy Stewart. 

Garden Literature Review by Sally Williams

Gardening By the Book

Teri's Garden Book Reviews

The Spirit of Gardening

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Cortesia Sanctuary and Center

The Gaia Hypothesis

Gardening and Spirituality

Gardening For Grounding to Mother Earth

Green Spirit

Growing Myself

Haiku Poetry:  Links, References, Resources, Publications

Motherheart - Caring for Gaia

Orbweaver's Garden

Our Place in Gaia

Gardening and Spirituality - Quotes for Gardeners

Places of Peace and Power:
  The Sacred Site Pilgrimage of Martin Gray.  Very interesting Links section, outstanding bibliography, and fine photographs. 

Rainbow Garden - Inspirational Stories

Religion - Quotations for Gardeners

Self-Mastery Earth Institute

Simplicity and Gardening

The Spirit of Gardening

Spirituality and Religion Links   Fine links selected by Steve Schlarb. 

Spirituality, New Age, and Religion Magazines.   Save from 20% to 60%.

Soul of the Garden    Photographs, ideas, observations, and links from Tom Spencer, host of West Texas Gardener on KLRU, and Greenthumb Hour on radio.

Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu:  Jim Clatfelter's Interpretation.

Tao Te Ching Translations:  Shrine of Wisdom   Another  


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The Circle of Victoriana

The Circle of the Muses

Daylily Webring List

The Fairy Ring

The Garden Web Ring

GeoCities Garden Site Webring List

The Flower Web Ring

Friends of the Garden Webring

The Green Earth Webring

Heartland Gardening Webring

Hosta and Ornamental Grass Webring

Organic Gardens Web Ring

Organic Web Ring

The Perfect Rose Webring

Plant Pals Web Ring

The Softer Side Webring


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More Quotes





Spirituality and Concerns of the Soul


Weeds and Weeding

Simplicity and the Simple Life

Pulling Onions
Quips and Observations by Michael P. Garofalo

The Essence of Gardening

Working in the Garden

Garden Digest Links


Haiku Poetry  -  Links and References

Cliches for Gardeners and Farmers

The History of Gardening Timeline
From Ancient Times to the 20th Century

Short Poems and Haiku by Michael P. Garofalo

Seeing and Vision

Beauty in the Garden

Seasons and Time

Zen Poetry

Comments about this Web Site

Jokes, Riddles and Humor



Quotes for Gardeners

Quotes, Sayings, Proverbs, Poetry, Maxims, Quips, Cliches, Adages, Wisdom
A Collection Growing to Over 2,700 Quotes, Arranged by 130 Topics
Many of the Documents Include Recommended Readings and Internet Links.
Compiled by Michael P. Garofalo



The Spirit of Gardening





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The Spirit of Gardening

Quotes for Gardeners


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Quotes for Gardeners

Haiku and Short Poems

The Spirit of Gardening

Cuttings by Michael P. Garofalo

The History of Gardening Timeline

Cloud Hands: Taijiquan and Qigong

Valley Spirit Journal by Michael P. Garofalo



Zen Poetry

Fitness and Well Being

Pulling Onions by Michael P. Garofalo

Valley Spirit Photography Gallery

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