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Our South Field Orchard in 2014 


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Fruit and Nut Trees Planted at Our Home

Trees - Quotes, Links and References

Fruit - Quotes

Work - Quotes, Links and References


Our South Field Orchard in 2014 




Internet Links



Almonds:   The California Almond Board   A quality site on one of our prime crops. 

Almonds:   Almond Companies

Almonds - Links

Apples:  Apple Index

Arid:  Arid Zone Trees Gallery

California Farm Bureau Federation

California Trees
  Excellent collection of detailed information about the trees of California. 

Discussion:  Directory of Gardening and Agricultural Mailing Lists   An excellent and extensive directory!!

Farms:  Small Farm Center - University of California at Davis

Figs:  California Fig Advisory Board

Figs:  NAFEX Fig Page.    By Ray U. Givan

Figs:  Rays Figs   By Ray U. Givan

Figs:  Valley Fig Growers

Fruit and Nut Varieties.
   University of California.

Fruit:  alt.agriculture.fruit newsgroup

Fruit:  California Rare Fruit Growers

Fruit:  Digitalseed:   The Fruit Orchard

Fruit:  Fruit Crops by Mark Rieger.   Facts, cultivation, folklore, botany.  Excellent information.  

Fruit:  International Fruit Variety Database

Fruit:  rec.gardens.edible newsgroup

Fruit:  New York Fruit Quarterly

Fruit:  North American Fruit Explorers

Fruit:  Scaffold's Fruit Journal     Pest Management and Crop Development.  Cornell University. 

Fruit:  UC Fruit and Nut Center    University of California.  Outstanding links, articles, and resources.  

Fruit Companies

Grapes:  Wine Information on the Internet by U.C. Davis

Nuts:  UC Fruit and Nut Center

Nuts:  Nut Companies

Olives:  Santa Barbara Olive Company

Olives:  The Olive Connection

Orchard Varieties and Information.
   University of California.


Real Estate - Farm and Ranch Net


Pecans:   "The pecan (Carya illinoensis) is native to the Americas and naturally distributed in the Mississippi Valley and the river valleys of Texas.  The Indians introduced pecans to the European man by trading for tools and trinkets.  In this way, the traders moved the pecan from its native range to the eastern states. The first pecan nursery was established in 1772 and from this small beginning, pecan production has grown into a multimillion dollar industry in Florida and South Georgia."
The Farm Store


Pruning:  How to Prune Trees

Rice:  Rice Web

Trees:  Legends, Lore, Magick, Stories

Trees:  Quotes, Links, References

Trees:  Trees at Our Home in Red Bluff, California

Walnuts - Notes, Links, Quotes

Watering:   Trickle or Drip Irrigation Mailing List.   Address:  
                    Subject:   SUBSCRIBE trickle-l your name

Watering:  Water Wise Gardening




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Books and Magazines


Backyard Fruits and Berries:  How to Grow them Better than Ever.    By Diane E. Bilderback and Dorothy Hinshaw Patent.   Emmaus, Pennsylvania, Rodale Press, 1984.   Index, 306 pages.    ISBN: 087857509X.

Fruits and Berries for the Home Garden.   By Lewis Hill.  Drawings by Mary Azarian.  Charlotte, Vermont, Garden Way Publishing, 1977.  Index, 269 pages.  ISBN: 088266168X. 

Tree Nuts:  Production, Processing and Products.    By Jasper Guy Woodroof.  Westport Conn., AVI Publishing Co., 1979.   Index, 731 pages. 



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Trees - Quotes, Bibliography and Links




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Inventory of Fruit and Nut Trees and Vines at our home in Red Bluff.

        Almond, Apple,  Apricot, Blackberry, Cherry, Chestnut, Crabapple, Elderberry, Fig, Grape, Kiwi, Lemon, Loquat, Mulberry, Olive, Orange, Peach, Pear, Pecan, Persimmon, Plum, Pomegranate, and Walnut. 

      Despite Corning being a major producer of olives, it is nearly impossible to find an nice olive tree at a retail nursery.  We keep looking.  Suggestions.  Maybe I can find cuttings .... hmmm.   




Fruits and Nuts - Quotes and Links




Trees and Orchards in the Red Bluff Area
Red Bluff, California, North America


Warning:  This is a rough draft in progress.   Please remember that these are my notebooks.  I serve them on the Net as free information and links on a poplar topic, and to open the door to chatting with people from around the world about gardening, farming, backyard natural history, and lifestyles of mutual interest. 



The many large orchards in our area primarily grow: almonds, olives, prunes, and walnuts.



The local Red Bluff newspaper, The Daily News, offers very good coverage of news and information on agriculture.  Locals should read this first, clip good articles, and apply the useful information (e.g, watering). 

California State University at Chico has an extensive collection of useful books and journals about fruit growing, orchard management, trees, vines, and related agricultural practices.  The University Library is open to the public, and for a mere $50 a year one can obtain borrowing privileges.  The University of California at Davis, of course, offers the premier collections on such subjects.

The Tehama County Public Library also has some useful books about orchard management, fruit trees and vines.  The library is open to the public and borrowing privileges are free. 


Observe, Read, Listen, Explore



The memories of the almond groves in full white blossom bubble up in my consciousness as I taste an almond seed.





    Locals seem to prefer the pronunciation "ammonds."  I asked my neighbor, CB, about this and he told me that in the ammond orchards at harvest time a big machine grabs the tree and shakes the ammond tree until the nuts fall to the ground.  Apparently, the machine is so powerful that it shook the  'L  (hell) out of the trees. 


Almond - Prunus dulcis    Facts, cultivation, history, folklore.  By Mark Rieger.    17Kb

The California Almond Board
  A quality site on one of our prime crops. 

California Grown Nut Company
, Hughson

Almond Companies

Almonds: Myth, Lore, Magick, Esoterica

Bent T Ranch, Redding

Wiggin Farms, Arbuckle



Trees - Quotes for Gardeners






Black Walnut Explorations.   By Carlene Cooper.  19Kb.  

California Walnut Marketing Board

Diamond Walnut Growers

Drying Walnuts

Gothic Gardening:  Walnut
  Comments on the walnut tree's reputation as a sinister tree.


La Noix Gaillard

Plant Friends of the Black Walnut

The Walnut: History, Nutrution, Folklore, Recipes.  Vegetarians in Paradise.   39Kb.

Walnut - Juglans    Facts, cultivation, history, folklore.  By Mark Rieger.    22Kb

Walut: Lore, Legends, Magick  

Walnut Varieties from the University of California

Walnuts: Myth, Lore, Magick, Esoterica

Wonderful Walnuts, Wisdom and Folklore   14Kb.

World Wide Walnut
   An outstanding site!!

"In the nut, nothing is lost, except perhaps the noise it makes when breaking."
World Wide Walnut


"Walnuts are recognized as the oldest known tree food, dating back to about 7,000 B.C. 
In fact, walnuts are one of only a handful of trees and plants that can be found growing 
naturally in both the eastern and western hemispheres - strong evidence that the trees 
existed before the continents split apart."  -   Walnut Information for Students


"California with it's mild climate and deep fertile soils, provides ideal growing conditions for 
the California walnut, producing 98% of the total U.S. commercial crop and accounting for 
2/3 of the worlds' trade. The Franciscan Fathers are credited with introducing Juglans regia 
into California from Spain around the early 1800's."    The first commercial planting of 
English or Persian walnts began in 1867 in Goleta, and in 1937 in Stockton. 
 -  California Walnut Designs








The Olive Connection

Olive - Olea europaea
    Facts, cultivation, history, folklore.  By Mark Rieger.    15Kb

  Olive Pit, Corning, California

Olives: Myth, Lore, Magick, Esoterica

Santa Barbara Olive Company


Two primary varieties of olives were planted in Corning, California in 1904 – the 
Mission variety and Sevillanos from the vicinity of Seville, Spain.  Mission trees 
soon bore the traditional small fruit   Much later, the Sevillanos started producing 
the Queens – the largest olives yet seen.  Information from the Olive Pit in Corning.




Our South Field Orchard in 2014

Drip lines installed and checked for all trees in January 2014
Orchard sprayed in January 2014
All tree trunks in orchard were painted white in January 2014


Middle Pond Orchard

1.  Peach

2.  Peach

3.  Peach 

4.  Pear

5.  Pear

6.  Peach

7.  Apricot 

8.  Peach

9.  Pear 

10.  Peach 

11.  Plum 

12.  Peach or Plum 

13.  Fig

14.  Fig 

15.  Fig 

16.  Fig

17.  Plum 

18.  Nectarine

19.  Peach 

20.  Apricot

21.  Plum 

22.  Plum 



Basketball Orchard

Row 1

1.  Crab Apple

2.  Apple

3.  Plum

4.  Plum

5.  Peach 

6.  Apple 

7.  Apricot

8.  Plum

9.  Apple 

10.  Plum

11.  Apple 

12.  Plum 


Row 2

13.  Peach

14.  Fig

15.  Peach

16.  Fig

17.  Apricot

18.  Peach

19.  Cherry

20.  Nectarine

21.  Peach

22.  Apple


Row 3

23.  Fig

24.  Persimmon

25.  Fantasia Nectarine

26.  Gold Coast Apricot

27.  White Peach Q18

28.  Gold Kist Apricot

29.  Cherry Dwarf

30.  Black Mission Fig

31.  Peter's Honey Fig

32.  Red Walnut


Row 4

33.  Red Walnut







40.  Fig 

41.  Grape

42.  Grape






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