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Northern California Gardening
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Annuals for Northern California.  By Bob Tanem and Don Williamson.  
Edmonton, Canada, Lone Pine Publishing, 2002.  334 pages.  
ISBN: 1551052490.

The Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Wildflowers - Western Region
By Richard Spellenberg.   New York, Alfred A. Knopf, 1979, 1988.  ISBN: 0394504313.  

Edible and Useful Plants of California.   By Charlotte Bringle Clarke.  Berkeley, University 
of California Press, 1977.   ISBN:  0520032616.

A Field Guide to Pacific States Wildflowers.  By Theodore F. Niehaus and Charles L. Ripper.
Peterson Field Guide Series.  Boston, Houghton Mifflin Co., 1976.   ISBN: 0395216249.

Fifty Two Weeks in the California Garden
.  By Richard Smaus.  Los Angeles Times,
1996.  ISBN: 1883792118.    

Garden Chores for the California Central Valley, Foothills, and Bay Area

Gardening Month by Month in Northern California
.  By Bob Tanem and Don Williamson.
Edmonton, Canada, Lone Pine Publishing, 2004.  160 pages.  ISBN: 1551053659.

The Green Wizard

Northern California Gardening: A Month by Month Guide
.  By Kathernine Grace Endicott.
Chronicle Books, 1996.  384 pages.  ISBN: 0811809269.  

Perennials for Northern California.  By Bob Tanem and Don Williamson.   Edmonton, 
Canada, Lone Pine Publishing, 2002.   360 pages, many indexes and lists.   
ISBN:  1551052512.  

Red Bluff, California: The Gardens of Karen and Michael Garofalo.  Notes, planting lists,
bibliography, links, nature studies.  Zone 9.   Photographs 

The Spirit of Gardening.  Over 2,700 quotes arranged by over 135 topics.  Compiled by
Michael P. Garofalo.  

Sunset Western Garden Book.  By the Editors of Sunset Books and Sunset Magazine.  
Menlo Park, California,  Sunset Publishing Corporation, 1995.   The 40th Anniversary Edition.  
6th Edition in 1997.   Detailed indexes, 624  pages.  One of the best standard reference 
works for California gardeners.  I have each edition of this fine book.  

Tree and Shrub Gardening for Northern California.  By Bob Tanem and Don Williamson.
Edmonton, Canada, Lone Pine Publishing, 2003.  360 pages.  ISBN: 155105275X.

Weeds of the West
.   By Tom D. Whitson, Editor.    Authors:  Tom D. Whitson, Larry C. Burrill, 
Steven A. Dewey, David W. Cudney, B.E. Nelson, Richard D. Lee, and Robert Parker.   
Newark, California, The Western Society of Weed Science, 1992. 630 pages.   
ISBN:  0941570134,   Revised in 1992.  Excellent color photographs of all the plants described.   

Wildly Successful Plants: Northern California.  By Pam Peirce and David Goldberg.  
Sasquatch Books, 2004.  304 pages.  ISBN: 1570613583.




The California Landscape Garden: Ecology, Culture, and Design
by Mark Francis, Andreas Reimann


Gardens of the Wine Country
by Molly Chappellet, Richard Tracy


The Gardens of California: Four Centuries of Design from Mission to Modern
by Nancy Goslee Power, et al


Mediterranean Gardening: A Waterwise Approach
by Heidi Gildemeister


California Gardens: Creating a New Eden
by David C. Streatfield


An Arcadian Landscape. The California Gardens of A.E. Hanson
by A. E. Hanson, et al


Visiting Eden: The Public Gardens of Northern California
by Melbal Levick, Joan Chatfield-Taylor


Glorious Gardens to Visit in Northern California: 65 Gardens Within 3 Hours of San Francisco-From Mendocino to Carmel
by Priscilla Dunhill, et al


Garden Getaways: Public Gardens & Special Nurseries/Northern California
by Nona Pierce, Jimmie Pierce


Weekends for Two in the Wine Country: 50 Romantic Northern California Getaways
by Bill Gleeson, Richard Gillette


Sunset Western Garden Annual 2004 (Western Garden Annual)


California Cottages: Interior Design, Architecture & Style
by Diane Dorrans Saeks, Alan Weintraub


Dig This! Landscaping Without a Backhoe or a Big Budget for Northern California and Beyond
by Kate Anchordoguy


California Wine Country: Interior Design, Architecture & Style
by Diane Dorrans Saeks, Alan Weintraub


Edible Pepper Garden, The (The Edible Garden Series)
by Rosalind Creasy


Grasses in California. (California Natural History Guides (Paperback))
by Beecher. Crampton


Western Garden Book, 2001 Edition -- by Kathleen Norris Brenzel;


The Complete Guide to Northern California Gardening
by Maureen Gilmer


What Grows Here Mountain Gardening in Northern California (4th Ed.)
by Carol Young


The Wildflower Gardener's Guide: California, Desert Southwest, & Northern Mexico Edition
by Henry W. Art, et al


Redwood Empire Wildflowers
by Dorothy King Young, Dorothy King Wildflowers of the Redwood Empire Young (Paperback )


The Wildflower Gardener's Guide: California, Desert Southwest, and Northern Mexico Edition
by Henry W. Art (Paperback )


Rock Garden Design and Construction: North American Rock Garden Society
by North American Rock Garden Society, Jane McGary


Tough Plants For Northern Gardens : Low Care, No Care, Tried and True Winners
by Felder Rushing


The Year in Bloom: Gardening for All Seasons in the Pacific Northwest
by Ann Lovejoy


Seasonal Bulbs: Guides for the Northwest Gardener (Cascadia Gardening)
by Ann Lovejoy


Western Garden Problem Solver


People with Dirty Hands : The Passion for Gardening
by Robin Chotzinoff


Gardening for the Future of the Earth
by Howard-Yana, Ph.D. Shapiro, John Harrisson


Little Herb Gardens: Simple Secrets for Glorious Gardens--Indoors and Out (A Garden Style Book)
by Georgeanne Brennan, Mimi Luebbermann


Growing Vegetables West of the Cascades: The Complete Guide to Natural Gardening
by Steve Solomon (








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