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"A superb online directory compiled by Michael P. Garofalo featuring 
all the best concrete poetry sites on the WWW."
-   Christina Conrad, Performance Poetry Websites, 10 March 2002






"Mike Garofalo's Poetry Notebook pages have some of the best and up-to-date
haiku weblinkage available.  These are well organized into alphabetical order, author
order, haiku resources, teaching haiku (by age group!!!), classic haijin, and more.
This is an all-time best site for haijin! *****
A great place for gardeners, haijin and philosophers to wander
for hours; an ongoing act of creativity."
Debra Woolard Bender, Paper Lanterns, 23 December 2000





"This site provides detailed information for links to numerous haiku sites.
With a click, you'll find journals, books, small presses, directories,
guides.  You name it, you'll find it here.  An excellent, easy-to-navigate
site that was born to be bookmarked!"
-   Elizabeth St Jacques, Poetry in the Light: Links to Please, 15 May 2001





"One of the most comprehensive collections of links to haiku resources
on the Internet, assembled by Michael P. Garofalo.  He is also a
gardener, and his site, while very thorough on haiku, can take
you to other corners as well."
William J. Higginson, Open Directory Haiku Editor, 30 May 2000






1,404,416  Webpages
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Served to Readers From March 2000 - December 2003
From the Poetry Notebooks of Michael P. Garofalo





"A wonderful site, not only his nice haiku, but also a very nice and rich bibliography
about haiku on the Net, addresses for publishing , addresses of personal sites of
well-known writers; but above all, an exceptional site rich in quotes, about all that
is connected with gardening , built by a specialist in bibliography."
Serge Tome,  Temps Libres - Free Times, 17 June 2000





"This web site has one of the most complete collections of links to
haiku poetry that I have seen on the web.  Carefully listed by names,
it gives you quick access to haiku links.   But this is not all,
the site includes references and guides, a section on teaching haiku
poetry, and a collection of Zen quotations.  Furthermore,  Mr. Garofalo,
the founder, is very versatile.  He has also posted The Spirit of Gardening
and Quotes for Gardeners.   And, last but not least, his very fine and
sharp poems.   So, haiku, Zen, the art of gardening, learning haiku, indexes,
links ... bring us a wonderful site.  Excellent!   A great contribution!" 
-   Carlos Fleitas, (E)literature 15 March 2001






"Great Site!  Unquestionably, the best on the Web.  I'm sure I'm not
the first to notice the Herculean effort you've put into your site.  You're
making life easier for a lot of haijin and senryu writers out there."
Richard Stevenson, Canadian Poet, 26 September 2000





"It seems that most links pertaining to any haiku related subject of interest
can be found at this website.  I recommend it.  It's well organized,
very complete, and a time-saver."
-   Ty's Recommended Links, 9 May 2001





"Your webpage is unique and your haiku delightful."
Lucille Younger, Losing the Continents,  7 September 2000, Poems






"Teaching Haiku Poetry, by Michael P. Garofalo, offers several links to lesson plans, 
historical information, etc. for each grade level, 2 through 12. The links are extensive 
and thorough, some are "cuter" than others, but most treat haiku and the teaching of 
it seriously. The lesson plans come from a wide variety of authors and are detailed 
and extensive; they range from 1 - 2 hour lessons to units that span several weeks. 
Well worth a look."
-   Recommended Webpages for January 2002,  Ohio State University Course  






"An extensive array of pages containing a wealth of material on haiku offered by
Michael P. Garofalo, a former library administrator who lives in California.   Mr.
Garofalo includes all this information as part of his larger Spirit of Gardening
website.  Links, biographies (not only of poets but of translator R. H. Blyth as
well) and a great deal of other information make it a very useful site indeed."
-   Mark Jewel, Basho and Haikai, 15 February 2001






"A very impressive gardening e-zine ... I look forward to many happy hours browsing it.
What a joy it is to find so many creative and informed ways of sharing knowledge on the
Internet!  It just gets better and better every year!  By the way, thanks for the extensive
list of haiku links.  It's bound to bring more gardeners into the haiku community."

Jeanne Emrich, Haiga Online, 2 November 1999






"Features everything Haiku, from where and how to publish,
to references on this genre."
-   Resources for Poets, 1 May 2001






Author Index to Haiku Poems on the Net

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17 June 2000

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"Haiku Poetry: Links and References is a great site,
and the accumulation of links is thorough and useful."
Larry Gross 'Tishang', Asian Poetry: The Korean Sijo, 21 December 2000







"I just stumbled across your web page and was stunned.  It's fantastic."
Janine Beichman,  Masaoka Shiki: His Life and Works, e-mail, 7 December 2002






"You've done some beautiful work, both in your own concrete poetry,
and on the website.  Indeed, I think yours is the most effective 
concrete poetry I've seen, as works of art."
-  Brad Burg, e-mail on 28 October 2002, Outside the Lines: Poetry at Play







"The biggest list of English haiku sites I've ever found.
A haiku site, which isn't mentioned here, can't exist!"
Hans-Peter Kraus,  Haiku, Haiku, 4 October 2000







"The most comprehensive, largest and most up-to-date guide
to Haiku on the Internet. Title, author, and thematic access."
Pilot-Search, Literary Search Web, 31 December 2000






Cuttings: Short Poems by Michael P. Garofalo

"Short poems and haiku organized by month.
Poems reflect the rural lifestyle of Red Bluff, California."

William J. Higginson, Open Directory Haiku Editor,  11 April 2000

"Bravo for your visual poetry!"

Joëlle Dautricourt, Big Bang Faerie, 13 August 2002

"Your webpage is unique and your haiku delightful."
Lucille Younger,  Losing the Continents,  7 September 2000

"... very fine and sharp poems."
Carlos Fleitas,  (E)literature,  15 March 2001

"I read your August and September poems over my coffee this morning,
an excellent recording of the tempo of summer and psyche."
Ann Gleeson, The Body as Audience, 11 September 2000






"A fantastic collection of haiku links."
Frans Kwaad, Haiku Schetsboek, 19 October 2000






"I am very much impressed with your webpage on R. H. Blyth.  Your
pages express a simple elegance, are informative, meaty, and easy to read."
Richard Gilbert, e-mail 9 March 2002, Quiet Site







"I have so enjoyed reading through your Haiku and Zen Poetry 
collection . . . an astonishing body of work."
-  Pepper Provenzano, e-mail 27 October 2002, TreeLink





"I visited your webpages and think they can't be topped.
They offer the most comprehensive information
about the Haiku world."
Gerd Börner, Deutsche Haiku Gesellschaft, 19 January 2001







"I love your haiku site."
-   Wocojoe,  WocoJoe's Web Magazine,  2 August 2000







"Poetry for the Gardener:   Includes numerous examples of
Taoist and Zen poetry.  Most are based around
simple living and gardening."
-   Shen, DMOZ Open Directory Editor,
Religious Poetry - Taoism, 12 February 2001







"Your directories are probably the most comprehensive
listing of haiku sites anywhere on the Internet."
-  Gary Barnes (Sogi), e-mail, 9 September 2002, Haiku Poet's Hut







"A useful website.  Thanks for your good work."
-   Sam Hamill, translator and poet, e-mail, 20 August 2002







"I find myself disposed to call the reader's attention to a site which maps most,
or all, it sometimes seems, of the large supplies of Zen poetry available on the
web.  The listings include sites, titles, commentaries, quotes, and extensive links
to anything whatever relevant to the poet or poems, and can be found, as part
of a larger assembly, at Zen Poetry, edited by Mike Garofalo.
-   Sam Hazelhurst, Proverbial Zen,  27 August 2001







"Some of the best collections of web links related to haiku ..."
Millikin University, 26 October 2001, Links to Haiku Websites
Referring to Teaching Haiku Poetry and others.







"I am an elementary education student at the University of North Carolina  
at Chapel Hill .  I am student teaching in a Fourth grade classroom and was 
looking for a way to assess and review the use of adjectives with my children. 
I decided to use Haiku poetry.  I used your “Teaching Haiku Poetry” webpage
to help learn about and plan the lesson.  What a great website it is!  There are 
so many resources.  I learned so much!  Thank you for this great resource!"

-   Tabitha Day Thomas, e-mail, 6 November 2002






Many thanks to Debra Woolard Bender,
Artist-Poet-Webmistress at Paper Lanterns,
for her portrait-haiga of me




In addition, I am also grateful to the following
websites for referring their readers to my web pages:

The Heron's Nest
The North Carolina Haiku Society
Haiku Harvest
Haiku Resources by Mark Brooks
Haiku Poet's Hut by Soji (Gary Barnes)
Open Directory DMOZ  
Poetry in the Light  
Tao Mountain
World Haiku Club
Beans About It 
Big Bang Faerie
Eel Pie Dharma




The Spirit of Gardening

Reviews and Awards for the Spirit of Gardening Website




Return to Haiku Poetry: Links, Bibliographies, Resources






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Record of Publication



My poems have appeared in the following on-line publications: 

Hyperlinked Arts Rens  
Haiku Wall

Future for Word Exhibition, Concrete/Visual Poetry,  Seattle Poetry Festival 2002
Haiku Fauna


My poems have also appeared in the following print publications:

Voices and Echoes:  Haiku Society of America Members' Anthology 2001






Haiku Notebooks of Michael P. Garofalo
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The Poetry Notebooks of Michael P. Garofalo


A:  Poetry Notebook I  -  Directories, Indexes, and Guides to Short Poems

          Haiku Poetry: Links, References, and Resources
          Author Index to Haiku Poetry on the Internet
          Title Index to Haiku on the Net and in Print
          The Japanese Haiku Masters
          Teaching Haiku Poetry
          Directories and Guides to Haiku on the Net
          What's New on the Internet Haiku Scene
          Poetry Index Homepage
          Reviews and Feedback on these Webpages
          Concrete Poetry Index Homepage
          Concrete Poetry Website Directory
          Concrete Poetry Title Index to Poems
          Quotes for Poets


B.  Poetry Notebook II  -   Poems by Michael P. Garofalo.

            Above the Fog                                               Zen poems
         Cuttings                                                 (1 to 10 Line Poems)
         One Short of a Baker's Dozen           (10 to 20 Line Poems)
         'crete 'oems by mpgarofalo               Concrete Poetry
         Green Canyons                                     


C.  Poetry Notebook III  -   Zen Poetry

         General Links and Bibliography
         Zen Poetry Selected Quotes I - XII
         R. H. Blyth
         Lucien Stryk
         Oaktree in the Courtyard
         Vegetable Nirvana
         Emptiness in Full Bloom
Thomas F. Cleary
         Ten Precepts

          Other:   Ann Gleeson's Poetry




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   January 2003          21,087
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   March 2003          47,608
   April 2003          71,325
   May 2003     Note 2003a    55,505
  June 2003          57,616
  Jan - Jun 2003         305,193
   July 2003           42,924
   August 2003           38,024
   September 2003           54,824
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    Example of a detailed statistical report for this website:  April 2002   (90K)  

   Example of a detailed statistical report for this website:  February 2003   (110K)

    My views on web page design.

    Note 2003a:  Most of the significant gains in usage were from the Concrete Poetry webpages.  Links to these pages
    appeared in a number of popular newsletters, and usage soared.  For example, in April 2003 usage of the 
    Specific Concrete Poems Index rose to 33,006 due to publicity.  In addition, I have been very pleased with the
    increased usage of webpages at the Zen Poetry website.  For example, in May 2003, 836 people requested
    Above the Fog, and 640 persons requested the Precepts webpage.   Usage of my own Cuttings poetry pages
    has remained steady.  For example, in May 2003, 992 persons requested my May issue of Cuttings.   I don't have
    the time to count and report on all the statistics each month.  As a compiler, indexer, and poet I am very satisfied
    with the popularity of my creative work by Net readers.  Very few Net publishers can claim to have served up
    over 800,000 poetry webpages in three years.  The reviews have been positive.  






Footsteps on the Stones of Epiphanies

Haiku Poems by Michael P. Garofalo





Haiku Poetry 
Links, References, Resources



Zen Poetry



Teaching Haiku: Links, References, and Quotes



Author Index to Haiku Poetry on the Net
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A Short Biography of Mike Garofalo



Quotes for Gardeners

Quotes, Sayings, Proverbs, Poetry, Maxims, Quips, Cliches, Adages, Wisdom
A Collection Growing to Over 2,700 Quotes Arranged by Over 130 Topics
Many of the Documents Include Recommended Readings and Internet Links.
Compiled by Michael P. Garofalo



Pulling Onions
By Michael P. Garofalo
Quips and Observations of a Gardener




The Spirit of Gardening







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The Poetry Notebooks (I, II, III) of Michael P. Garofalo
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The Spirit of Gardening

The History of Gardening Timeline

Quotes for Gardeners

Haiku and Zen Poetry


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