Title Index

Specific Concrete-Visual Poems
on the WWW-InterNet

Selected and Indexed by Michael P. Garofalo

An Introductory Note









Acrobats    Ian Hamilton Finlay   

Additive Color Theory    Nari   

 _]{ad}[Dressed in a Skin C.ode_]      Mez - Netwurker

Air Conditioning     Sylvia Parker

Airplane Takes Off

All 41     Lindsay Clements    

Alphabetica     Charles Bernstein

Archives     Edward Morgan    

Arms     Dan Waber    

Art and People     Clemente Padin    

Arteroids     Jim Andrews

Avec Tact     Antoine Schmitt 






Babel         Simon Biggs     

Ballad of Sand and Harry Soot     Stephanie Strickland  

Banana Peel   Tom Nagel

Bibliography of Concrete-Visual Poetry    

Bird #3      Don J. Carlson    

Black Boxes      Charles Bernstein        

Blanco-Negro     Armando Zarate   

Blue Key     Rowena Dugdale

Blues    Eleanor Nichol  (bpNichol)

Book Art    Frédérique Devaux

The Boolean Image    Carl Fernbach-Flarsheim

Brain Cell     Ryosuke Cohen    

b typed    Michael Basinski







Café Interreal     Enrique Sacerio-Garí

Calligrams - Links    

Calligraphy - Links    

Cannot Cross    Charles Bernstein   

Carmina Figurata     Porfyrius Optatianus

Cassiopeia    Joseph Cornell

Cave of Lascaux

Chapeau de Paille     Francis Picabia    

Childhood in Richmond     Komninos Zervos    

Cinéma     Dick Ilse and Pierre Garnier

Circles-Butter     Scott Helmes    

City of Webs   Michael Basinski

Click Poems    David Knoebel   

Clouds Over Fortjade     Karl Young

Collaboration with Fern: Plant Language     K. S. Ernst    

Column Poems     Dick Higgins    

Comment on the Acid Landscape     d.a. levy


The Concrete Air    Nelson Ball   

Crash     Duc Thuan





Concrete Poetry - Poems
Poems about the subject/theme of Concrete Poetry.

Concrete Poetry #15     Thomas Muller

Concrete Block     Michael P. Garofalo     

Digital Poetics     Los Pequeño Glazier    

Poema     Edward Baraga     

Poidog     Dan Waber





Concrete-Visual Poetry:  Links, Bibliography and Some Poems    

Corn    1967     

Crescent Moon     Lawrence Schimel

'crete 'oems: mpgarofalo        

Cried and Measured      Karl Young

Cutup      Lee Worden







Death     Ray Johnson

Deluxe Rubber Chicken     Los Pequeño Glazier     

Diagram 4.6     Jim Rosenberg     

Digital Poetics     Los Pequeño Glazier     

a dot, a poem, a page in space     

Dragonfly Dream      Ana Maria Uribe    

Drunk Driver     Michael P. Garofalo

Dry Red Leaves      Ana Maria Uribe    






Easter Wings    II     George Herbert   1633   

Ekbom et al: Utkommer     Benght Emil Johnson

Elevazione     Charles Baudelaire

Emblems    Eleanor Nichol  (bpNichol)

Empty Box - The End of Life     Elson Froes     

Epigone     John Whyte

Epithalamium II     Pedro Xisto    

Eratio-Post-Modern     Gregory St. Thomasino

Exchange of Graphics    Reid Wood and Karl Young    








A Fine View    David Knoebel     

Floating Architecture    Woodie Roehmer    

Flower    Lisa

Fluxus Bucks     Ex Post Facto

40     Love     Roger McGough    

Four Apricots     Susumu Takiguchi    

Fragments of Infinity     Catherine James

Fusion Series    Cecil Touchon




"Still IV           WORDS             allow psychic alterations to disappear. 
                        Speech              resists effervescence. 
                        Notions              require expansion to equivalent formulas. 
      WORDS                               Fracture our rhythm. 
              by their                        Assassinate sensitivity. 
              mechanism,                 Thoughtlessly uniform 
              fossilization,                 tortured inspiration. 
              stability                        Twist tensions. 
              and aging                     Reveal poetic exaltations as useless. 
                                                 Create politeness. 
                                                 Invent diplomats. 
                                                 Promote the use of analogies 
                                                 Substitute for true emissions."

        -    Manifesto of Letterist Poetry by Isidore Isou









Gates of Paradise     David Daniels

Geborei     John Ezra and Sarah Fowler

The Geometry of God     Robert Gold    

Ghost City     

Ghosts of Lying     Kenneth Patchen    

(go fish)     Loss Pequeno Glazier    

Gold    Mathias Goeritz

Grammatron    Mark Amerika

Graphical Mesostics #2      John Cage

Graphic Arts and Poetry    

grin     Bob Cobbing










hemp and stuff     d. a. levy

Hiperlook    Hernando Barragan

A Host of Halfties       Anna Maria Uribe

A Human Document     Tom Phillips

Hypergraphie infinitésimale Controlée et Relancée      Alain Satié









I Can Communicate     Mark A. Davis    

Ideogramme - Horse     Apollinaire

Illuminosities      Charles Bernstein        

Indeterminancy      John Cage   

Information     Christopher Meyers   

Intergrams     Jim Rosenberg    

Interview with the Floating Man     Kenneth Patchen    







Jacques' Dilemma     Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino

Julia's Wild        E. Louis Zukofsky







Karmic Influence on the Double Helix #2     Kazmier Maslanka    

kinetext     Chloe Chao







Labium     Marlene Mountain      

Lady Liberty    

Lantern     Naia

The Letter Q


Lettrist Tarot     Joëlle Dautricourt      

Lingering     Ana B      

The Loose Texture of Mind     R. K. Joshi

Luna Algebrica Sopra il Cratere     Erminia Passannanti

LW - Sequenz     Klaus Peter Dencker     








Main Point     Peter Murphy    

Mathemaku     Bob Grumman    

Memory Market     Enrique Sacerio-Garí

Miniatures     d.a levy

Minimalist Percussion Composition      Michael P. Garofalo

Moonglow (Haiga #4)      Gary Barnes (Sogi)

Moonth    Nico Vassilakis

Le Murmure     Roland Sabatier    

My Reflection     Ellen Singletary    







Neo-Prayer     Ricardo Gonsalves        

Nitrogen     Derek White        

La Nature     Michel Amarger        

News Poem     Sam Patterson    

Nixon    Doc Wright   

No Memory     Valerie Grancher

Nothing     Ray Johnson   

Not Wanting to Say Anything About Marcel    John Cage








Obesssion    Katsushika Hokusai     

Ode to June C     Keith Armstrong

Onion Garden     Michael P. Garofalo

Only - 1918     Kirill Zdanevich     

The Open Hand Discovers    Timothy Ely     

Open Spaces    Jon Whyte

Order of Things     Ian Hamilton Findlay

Ow the Dow    Ricardo Gonsalves






Performance Poetry    

Perspectives    Carol Stetser 

Pictographs     Bill Keith

Pink Floyd, The Division Bell      Marc Schmitz     

Poema     Edward Baraga    

Poem by Nari Does Windows     Nari

Poetic Cuisine     Ryuryukyo Shinsai







Quantum Fantasy    Sophie Charrier     




"I began to play with words then. I was a little obsessed by words of equal value. 
Picasso was painting my portrait at that time, and he and I used to talk this thing 
over endlessly. At this time he had just begun on cubism. . . . I took individual 
words and thought about them until I got their weight and volume complete and 
put them next to another word, and at this same time I found out very soon that 
there is no such thing as putting them together without sense. I made innumerable 
efforts to make words write without sense and found it impossible. Any human 
being putting down words had to make sense out of them. . . . It should create 
a satisfaction in the mind of the reader but in the same image as the creation."

-   Gertrude Stein (A Transatlantic Interview—1946.)
      A Primer for the Gradual Understanding of Gertrude Stein.
      Edited by Robert Bartlett Haas.








Rain     Guillaume Appollinaire    

Read     Pete Spence    

Red Mona      Christy Sheffield Sanford

En Regardant Mon Style de la Futur    Alain Satié  

Retina     Ana Aly     

Rêve Bleu    Woodie Roehmer








Savannah Bay     Francois Poyet

Sequence    Jim Andrews

Shape Poems    

Shaped Salmon     Court Smith

Siempre-Nunca     Poetic Solutions, 2001    

Silly Supermarket Cards by Rick Rose

Sinographic     Clemente Padin     

Sixteen Walls # 6      Nico Vassilakis     

Snakes and Songs      Christy Sheffield Sanford

Snowman    Beth and Cordine   

Stained Word Window     Deena Larsen

Stereoscopic Advertisement 1860     

StonePoems     Clark Lunberry    

Stop and Go Censorship    Enrique Sacerio-Garí

Strings     Dan Waber     

Succession     Marcel Duchamp     

Sul Mare la Nuvola     Nazim Hikmet     

Summer     Ellen Singletary    

Sunday Morning in June     Fitzgerald-Hagen









The Hub of the Wheel.   A concrete poem by Michael P. Garofalo.



























Tentativa     Walter Silveira     

Terminals: Projects     Various Artists. 

Text Art     

text-TOWER   {Collective}

Text X     Clemente Padin     

Through the Cracks     K. S. Ernst     

Tibetan Stroboscope    d.a. levy

Time: Now and Then     Jim Andrews     

Tower of Babel     John Whyte

Track    Book Art by Marilyn Rosenberg and David Cole    


Truth is a Moving Target     Erwin Redl

Twenty-Six '76 Let Hers: Not A Matter of Permission     Johanna Drucker

Typewriter Poems - Untitled    Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino      




"Does the virtual art object, forever morphing in the newtwork environmnet 
constiture a new form of aesthetic becoming that makes being in cyberspace
an art in and of itself?"
-  Mark Amerika, Digital Studies







Unbelievable Pagoda    Sophie Charrier     

Urban High Rises     Court Smith     







Visual Poetry    








Watar     Irving Weiss

Watching Leaves     Anonymous    

Waves     Marton Koppány

where we travel     d. a. levy  

Why Keep Talking About Art     La Société Anonyme

Wind     Eugene Gomringer

Word Chamber      David Knoebel    

Words to Eat      Ruth Cowen    






xylo     Peter Howard







Yes and No     Janee    








Zero-One, Off-On     Michael P. Garofalo







An Introductory Note to Readers


This is my personal index to on-line examples of concrete-visual poems. This document is 
one of my personal Poetry Notebooks -   where I organize my WWW and print reading 
research on a poetry topic.  It is a blog notepad, a hodgepodge of snippets, and a stew of web links. 
A few of my own concrete-visual poems are indexed elsewhere. 

I prefer to link to a webpage with a single specific titled concrete-visual poem.  I look for good examples
of typographical graphic art available on the web.  I select concrete poetry webpages that appeal to a 
wide range of audiences: from children to adults, from poets to artists, to enthusiasts of the genre. 

I enjoy short poems.  My electronic Poetry Notebooks reflect my interests in short poems: 
haiku, zen, tercets, concrete-visual, quatrains, sonnets, limericks, aphorisms, epigrams, 
clichés, tanka, etc.  I figure that other Net readers share my interests in specific concrete-visual 
poems, because 5.783 persons requested and were served this webpage in 
November, 2004.    

on with the show.  

Mike Garofalo


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This document has been served to readers around the world
on the WWW-InterNet since April 1, 2002.


Send me information (specifically: the title and the URL for a concrete poem) 
and and I will add the information to this title index.

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