Form is emptiness; emptiness also is form. 
Emptiness is no other than form; 
form is no other than emptiness. 
In the same way, feeling, perception, formation, and 
Consciousness are emptiness. Thus, Shariputra, 
All dharmas are emptiness. 
There are no characteristics. 
There is no birth and no cessation. 
There is no impurity and no purity. 
There is no decrease and no increase.

Heart Sutra




All of the existent, conditioned dharmas
Are like dreams, illusions, bubbles, shadows;
Like dew and also like lightning:
Thus should they be contemplated.

Diamond Prajnaparamita Sutra






Form is No Other Than Emptiness
Emptiness No Other Than Form

A nice hot kettle of stew.  He ruins it by dropping a couple of rat turds in.
It's no good pushing delicacies at a man with a full belly.  Striking 
aside waves to look for water when the waves are water.

Forms don't hinder emptiness; emptiness is the tissue of form.
Emptiness isn't destruction of form; form is the flesh of emptiness.
Inside the Dharma gates where form and emptiness are not two
A lame turtle with painted eyebrows stands in the evening breeze.

Zen Words for the Heart: Hakuin's Commentary on the Heart Sutra
Translated by Norman Waddell





Electric Buddha - Don Berry




Zen Poetry








1000  -  1000   =   0   =   1000  -  1000

100  -  100   =   0   =   100  -  100

10  -  10   =   0   =   10  -  10

1  -  1   =   0   =   1  -  1






All of the existent, conditioned dharmas
Are like a sea of electro-magnetic energy fields;
Like olives and also like the sun:
Thus should they be contemplated.
























1  -  1   =   0   =   1  -  1

Michael P. Garofalo
  January 4, 2003


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