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Above the Fog   Zen and Taoist Poetry


Boxed In  (212)  

boxedin    (241)   







John Cage's "Nothing to Say"   (234)    

Candle Burning Bright   (214)  

Cat Footprints   (223) 

Chicken and the Egg   (220)  

Color of Three  -  Wittgenstein (219)   

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Concrete Poems   

Concrete-Visual Poetry:  Links, Bibliography and Some Poems    

Confusion into Oblivion (Drunk Driver) (238)   

'crete 'oems: mpgarofalo        

Cuttings     Haiku, Concrete and Short Poems by Michael P. Garofalo.      



Dog in the Road   (216)       

Drunk Driver   (238)    



e = women-sex-men   (231)       

Eggs and Chickens   (220)    

E-Mail from Annetc    (229)   

Emptiness is Openness    (240)   

Energy   (247)





    boxedin            By Michael P. Garofalo   





Face - Parts   (215)

First Concrete Poem in 'crete 'oems: mpgarofalo    

Full Moon in the Morning Sky   (236)   



Michael P. Garofalo's   'crete 'oems 



Haiku Marching   (225)    

Heart Attack   (224)    

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Hoping for Peace in the Spring   (230)



Ice & Whiskey - Melting   (218)    

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Infinite Circle   (248)



Jumping Over  (228)        



Language of My World    (213)   

Last Concrete Poem in 'crete 'oems: mpgarofalo    

Lenticular Cloud Over Mount Shasta   (227)   

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Logo - Concrete Block  (211)    



Marching Haiku   (225)     

Minimalist Xylophone Composition   (226)     

Months, Seasons:  Poems, Quotations, Lore, Myths, Celebrations

Mount Shasta with Snow   (227)        



"Nothing to Say" - John Cage  (234)    



Off-On, Zero-One   (240)   

1  -  1  =  0  =  1  -  1     (240)  

Onion Garden  (235)  

On the Verge of Blowing Up Some Human Beings (244)   



Paradoxes  (243)  



Redbud Branch in Bloom    (230)    

Re: this, that and the other thing   (229)

Reviews and Feedback about the Poetry Notebooks of Michael P. Garofalo     



Sad Face in a Mirror   (221)  

Sounds in the Forest   (217) 



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Ugh!   (244) 



Vernal Equinox   (222) 

Visual Spots: Concret-Visual Poetry Exhibit



Wittgenstein: Language-World   (213)  

Wittgenstein: Color of Three   (219)  



Xylophone Composition   (226)   



Yes but No  (Paradoxes)    (243)   



Z  -  Alphabetic Poem   (245)

Zero-One, Off-On   (240)

Zen Poetry:  Links, Bibliography and Selected Poems







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