Pica Nutalli

The Yellow Billed Magpie of California

A Study


Michael P. Garofalo

May 5, 2001



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Pica Nutalli

The Yellow Billed Magpie of California


                       Hidden by the fog -
                                      noisy magpies.

                        Toying with nine ideas like one old cottonwood holds
                                                                                          nine magpies.

                        sizing up
                        Tuscan Butte.

                        Qua-qua, qua!   Qua-qua!
                        Qua-qua, qua!    Qua-qua, qua!  Qua!
                        A magpie love song.

                        Magpies hop and squawk to start our day,
begging for dog food in the feeder tray.

                        The white geese
                        float in flooded rice fields -
                        magpies hop by cowpies.

                        Pecking in the weeds
                        a yellow billed magpie;
                        we pick a cabbage.

                        Letting cars pass by,
                        magpies wait on barbed wire
                        eyeing the red roadkill.

                        a dead cat
                                                       one leg up -
                        magpies          hop closer


                   [Some sketches are based on variations of themes from Wallace Stevens, Issa, and Thoreau.]




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               John James Audubon




   Bird II
    Pica Pica

     A nasal querulous maag? cry
     while in hooping flight
     like mortar shells, knowing
     death is holy and good to eat,
     links homo lupus to Magpie,
     toe back, apposed thumb
     — pollex or passerine
     intelligence the same,
     we live and speak together
     at the side of the road,
     our young also greenish, blotched,
     though magpies
     do not make war.

          -   Howard McCord, Four Birds





The magpies in Picardy
Are more than I can tell.
They flicker down the dusty roads
And cast a magic spell
On the men who march through Picardy,
Through Picardy to hell.

A magpie in Picardy
Told me secret things--
Of the music in white feathers,
And the sunlight that sings
And dances in deep shadows--
He told me with his wings.
-   T.P. Cameron Wilson, 1917, Magpies in Picardy





One for sorrow, two for mirth,
three for a wedding, four for birth.

This popular country proverb was referred to when you saw a specific
number of magpies at one time, e.g., if you saw three magpies then a
wedding would be coming.  References:  B. Haydon, Autobiography,
1853, I.V..  M.A. Denham, Proverbs Relating to Seasons, 1846, #35.
J.A. Simpson, The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Proverbs, 1982, 170.  






Eight-toes teetering
       Sabre unscabbarded,
           Bellying spinnaker

Fast to a fencepost,
       Gape your black bill
           In a squawk clean as kindling!

On, with a smother
        Of saw-toothed wingbeats,
           My piebald jolly-boat!

Surge hull down
        Past the crest of the ridge
          Where the wind breaks, breaks
          All day like foam.

              -    Peter Davidson
                         (A Green Place: Modern Poems, 1982, p. 61)





With solemnity
The magpies are dissecting
A cat's dead body.
-  Richard Wright, Haiku: This Other World, #711





Perhaps it was Maggie, perhaps not.   In solitary moments magpies
will perch on a branch and mutter soft soliloquies of whines and
squeals and chatterings, oblivious to what goes on around them. 
It is one of those things, I suppose, intelligence now and then does,
must in fact now and then do, must think, must play, must imagine,
must talk to itself.  ...  What, finally, intelligence could be for:
finding your way back.
-   Stanley Crawford, A Garlic Testament, p. 86.






References and Links



A Garlic Testament: Seasons on a Small New Mexico Farm.    By Stanley Crawford.  New York, Edward Burlingame Books, Harper Collins, 1992.  241 pages.  ISBN: 0060182075.   Chapters 15 is about is growing awareness of the presence of magpies on his farm, and chapter 16 tells a charming story about his raising a baby magpie.






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