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Michael D. Garofalo and April Scott are married on May 28, 2005   

Alicia, April and Karen on May 28, 2005

Garofalo Gardens in Red Bluff, Comparison of 1998 to 2003

Garofalo Family Group
Photograph, May 30, 2001

Our Red Bluff Home - The View to the East

Our Red Bluff Home - The View to the West

Alicia and Sean
Flinn at Home in October 2000

Alicia and Sean Flinn, Family Wedding Picture, October, 2000

Mike, Oregon Dunes, Oregon, December 1999

Mike, Maywood Middle School Teacher, Class Picture, October 1999, 2001, 2002

, Portrait 1997

Mike, Sitting in lower garden arbor, 1995

Mike, Gardener, Hacienda Heights, California, Winter 1993

Garofalo Family
, Hacienda Heights, 1992

Karen, Alicia, Mick and Mike
, Hacienda Heights, 1992

Mike, Gardener, Hacienda Heights, California, Spring 1991

Mike at Rock Creek Basin in Eastern Sierra.  1990.  Hiker

Mike, Library Work Portrait, 1987

Alicia, Mike, Mick
.  Sitting in the garden.  1985. 

, 1985

Karen and Alicia
, 1984

Mike, Suzie, Mick.  Outdoor Work.   1984    Photo and Poem

Family Portrait
.  Mick, Alicia, Karen, Mike.  1983

Mike, Bodybuilding Days, 1977.

Mike, Philip, June and Paul Garofalo, 1952


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