Cuttings - November

Haiku, Concrete and Short Poems
November Collection II


By Mike Garofalo 
Red Bluff, Tehama County, Northern California


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first rains fall,
russet and scarlet leaves
fill the grimy gutters



Counting calories
for the umpteenth time
failing at subtraction 



Stumbling, coughing, stoned on pot;
A grinning clown, but smart he's not.



A webpage of koans
puzzle the browser -



the toad
hop by hop towards



Billions of sharp sunbeams
Cut the cracked glass sky
Splitting shadow after shadow
Down, down the ancient elms,
Down the red and black brick
Walls of Laxon Hall.
    The clarion sounds
        the sun's pace is
        traced in shadows.



Two dogs here, two dogs there
sharing noses
men chat at the fence-line. 



God banned him from Heaven,
The Devil banned him from Hell;
So Jack the Trickster was reborn a ghost,
Flickering in pumpkin shells. 

an ugly grin
    the carved pumpkin
    sags into itself



For a hot breakfast
a homeless woman begs
a wallet opens. 



The frosted lawn, so white, born at dawn's light;
Limp basil leaves, so black, killed last night. 



The library fills
with more chattering children,
the rain falls.



Bellowing teacher
loud classrooms
seeds under the tree.



Fall blossoms
drop in the downpour



Windshield wipers
back and forth, counting miles
and miles of dark rain.



preaching the Dharma
the suchness of things

[A heartfelt gassho to R.H. Blyth]



Here on vacation
scanning the Big River's edge
a great Blue Heron.



Seeing my love's white hair
Above my black gravestone
Troubled me; one spared of cares,
Ageless and alone. 



Twenty one guns salute
walkers at the River Park,
some limping veterans.



shelves of Books
without the Readers



A touch of green
amidst the brown dry grasses
rain of late Autumn. 



Monday Night ...
overtime game
in the Green Bay rain.



Apricot leaves
orange in the Autumn sunset -
saying "Goodbye."



the naked garden rests
the unemployed scarecrow stares
the rain drizzles



tiny onion sets
down in the soft ground
barely moonlit



Glorious sunset
No bugs about now
Ah, Ah, late Autumn. 



The magic wand of rain
raised the inchling grasses;
Autumn here, a second Spring.



She sniffs, he sniffs,
He mounts Her
Renewing their race.



A few plants short of a full flat,
something stolen, tit for tat;
The dullest knife in the drawer,
something inferior, used by the murderer
to settle a score.



wet earth,
    my dog and I
    inhale deeply










Hot story
at midnight
the lightbulb burns out;

Rolled joints
Rolled condoms
High hopes.

the alluring
scent on her blouse,



Brown mares bolt
back to their barn
the rain thunders down.



The terrified kitten
    cornered in the culvert
Growling dogs.

Prowling dogs
motionless ducks
at center pond.



Scatter my ashes over the compost pile;
Mix well, let us become one awhile.



Blackbirds fly
from field to field
autumn seeds.



           t e  a  r  s
            down the
                         in's side





Green Way Blog






Lady Liberty streaked with soot,
Uncle Sam kicked in the balls;
We all duck when terrorists shoot,
And when we rise, they will fall.



The earth turns
towards the sun
the shadows move. 



Peaceful neighbors:
    some orange some red



Country lanes
littered with pecans,
careless trees.



A wet stiff possum
past its last Surprise - Dead;
panting dogs nearby.



Ths kaotic mes av spllg Englesh
Wrds, ovr n ovr, tll correct.



The beer cans were piled by our feet,
And chip bits were stuck in our teeth.
We cussed Denver's scores
Cuzz the Broncos scored more,
Another smash mouth Raider defeat.



running out of time
for catching up
with the future



Birth Dates, Death Dates,
chipped gray marble gravestones
forgotten faces. 



four magpies
feast at the feeder
good omens



You shared the spark,
You fanned the flame,
You fed the fires,
You passed the Names.
    For all those known and
    For all those unnamed,
We raise this toast,
With thanks this day. 



The dog's teeth
Gently around my big arm
We trust, we play.



Yellow willow leaves
drop in the mud
steaming dog shit.



divorce final
his alimony check



the particulars,
minute particulars
revealing Nothing



One gate leads to another:
some open, some closed;
some we jump over.



cat                tpr               sin              til               gar                soil
          foo                int               the               led                den      




Nose twitching, tail held high,
A donkey shits a nest for flies.



Clearing away
spent tomato vines
the cold earth.



green chilis
turned soft black
third frost 



Tai chi moves
in the fog
cloud hands. 



bitter pills 11

Stripping away the self exposes the soul, and kills both.
Cracking up prevents crack ups.
When the divine knocks, don't send a prophet to the door.
One evil preacher is worse than a hundred hooligans.
Independence is a fish out of water.
The One True God is way over-priced.
Religious liberty is not a hallmark of religious politics.
A real enemy helps many feel alive.
Doing unto others has often been
                          more reason for others to do you in.







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