The Saturdays, same path

By Ann Gleeson and Mike Garofalo
Spring 2000




                moving conversations
                down gravel roadways ...
                crisscrossing ideas


                                Rolling along, light-headed
                                and alert, listening to our
                                breath amidst the sunny winds.


                 everyone smiling ...
                 warm clear day
                 Spring Fever


                                 Some days are better
                                 than others.  Today the earth
                                 shines back on the sun.


                 barefoot girls in the creekbed
                 laughing Winter away ...
                 red buds on bare black branches


                                Woodpeckers ate the snack
                                 shack.  Bugs are motivators.
                                 Nothing is negative.


                  a woodpecker's knock
                  cracks the quiet sky
                  Echoing off hardwoods


                                 I calculated my leap
                                 over the shallow grass-feathered
                                 ditch and took up middle ground.


                  One week later ...
                  Six Directions of Green,
                  Billions of leaf-buds.





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